A new version of foo_musicbrainz has been released

Don’t know how many foobar2000 users there are here but I’ve updated foo_musicbrainz. It’s been rewritten pretty much from the ground up to use the JSON webservice instead of XML. Although the average user won’t care about that, it makes it easier for me to maintain. The original code was written by someone else and was almost impossible for me to decipher!

It requires foobar2000 v1.4 or above and is available on github…


It’s marked as beta for now because I dare say there is a bug or three to be found!

edit: I’m already aware of a bug where discnumber/totaldiscs isn’t always written as expected. I’ll get a new version out later today.

edit2: above bug has been fixed and a new release is out


@marc2k3 this is a god send for me but why is it not on official repo? also why is there now a user agreement you dont collect data do you ?

It’s not on the foobar2000 components site because I’m not the account holder of the original upload.

As for the dialog popup, foobar does that for any component file (fb2k-component is just a renamed zip) that contains a file named license.txt. It’s the MIT license which is very widespread among open source software. You did read it, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of particular note is last paragraph and you have the choice not to install/use it!


@marc2k3 Sine you rewrote it why not just rename it MusicBrainzRedux under your own account also is stable expected soon?

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I think every developer (even pretend amateur ones like me) would like to think anything they release doesn’t have any bugs at release but there’s only so much testing you can do.

I’m fairly certain it won’t crash, hang or throw any kind of exceptions because I’ve tested network errors/invalid JSON. Beyond that, it’s simple string manipulation so the worst thing that could happen is metadata in the preview dialog not being presented correctly or something appearing in the dialog but not being written to tags.

The tag writing itself is provided by the foobar2000 SDK so I don’t have to know or care about the intricacies of catering for all the different formats/tagging schemes that foobar2000 supports. I just supply tag names/values and foobar2000 does the rest.

As for the components site, I just don’t care enough.


Well I am grateful for all the hard work I can mot say I approve of the nonchalant approach its a much beloved component to those who use it whatever your reason for not liking https://hydrogenaud.io dont take it out on users who love the foobar player yeah? if you wont resubmit atlest make a topic so people can find it easy im lucky in that im a member of both forums and check things out on occasion there are scores of users who want this back :slight_smile: I mean it heare but its burred https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,70623.325.html just do it for the community please :slight_smile:

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As a developer, Marc can do whatever the hell he wants and publicize his stuff as little or as much as he cares to. Word will eventually get around, even if it’s a little harder to find. I don’t know or really care about the reasons why he doesn’t post his stuff to HA anymore, but I can say that doing so is a good way to create a pretty demanding user base… especially when you’re creating popular stuff.

Just be glad it exists, and spread the word yourself. I’m frankly ecstatic this is seeing active development again.


Beta3 is out for testing. This restores support for multi-disc lookups - it’s a feature I didn’t realise was present in the original version. Thanks to @MordredKLB for pointing this out. There are also some minor dialog improvements. Note that disc subtitle editing only works on track #1 of each disc -it’s applied to all other tracks when tagging.


A screenshot:


Another day, another bugfix. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t realise “Album artist” should be constructed from all artist credits.



this looks fantastic @marc2k3
@marc2k3 did you know there was a new 2019 SDK take a look see it effects or could help the new tagger


Yup, I’m already using the latest SDK and making use of the new controls which provides the inline editing in the track list. It’s much nicer to work with.

This is probably the last beta before final…


This adds support for writing ASIN and ISRC tags. Also, the Disc Subtitle column is hidden for single disc releases.

edit: I was lazy and only added support for the first ISRC tag even though the JSON response indicated it was an array which could support multiple values. I’ve since corrected this and the next version will write all values if present.


I jump in the topic. I am glad there is this topic here.

The PC I’m using (a company PC) was renewed and I had to reinstall foobar2000.
I was using the public foo_musicbrainz until then.

Now I installed your fork but I take the opportunity to reiterate here my preference to having it officially replace the public one.
But you probably cannot do much about it, without @Dremora.

Or the public one should at least be hidden as much as possible?

You can already change our wiki to point to the fork.


@jesus2099 @marc2k3 I have updated our wiki to point to the new tagger


Rather amusingly (or not!), I’ve found a scenario which made the component crash :scream:

This has now been fixed…


It involves some rather specific steps:
-you’re looking up one disc from a multi disc set
-the multi disc set contains more than one disc with the track count of your selection
-you used the combo box to select any disc other than the first one and try and edit any columns in the track list.

This didn’t affect single disc or complete multi-disc lookups or any scenario where nothing was edited.

This also contains the proper support for multi-value ISRC tags I mentioned above.


This just keeps getting better think it will be stable soon @marc2k3 ?

think it will be stable soon

I can edit this line of code at any time and publish a release…


It won’t suddenly make it immune from bugs!

Only testing and feedback from other users can move things along faster. And how much feedback have I had in this thread? Precisely none. Not you or anyone else has commented once on how you’ve tested a release and it worked fine (or set your goldfish on fire).

All I’ve had is earache about the bloody official components site… and yes, I’ve seen your post on the foobar forums. :roll_eyes:



Regarding multidisc searches

When searching for this release that has cd1 , cd2 , dvd-video

I have cd1 and cd2 (tracks 12 + tracks 13).

If I select only the tracks from cd1 or cd2 the release is found.
If I select all tracks I get no entries found.

Is it a a bug ? or for incomplete mutlidics releases you must query one disc a time?

Compiled version https://github.com/marc2k3/foo_musicbrainz/tree/606b4911666665d73048165184b52bf28b5996ba

That is correct. It makes no no underlying assumptions about the tracks that make up your selection. All it’s working with is the count. This can matched against the total track count for all discs in a release or any one disc. It’s not smart enough to work with combinations of discs.

Of course it’s theoretically possible to read the existing disc numbers/tracks per disc from your selection but then the UI would need a massive amount of rework to cater for matching the corresponding media against individual discs from the original selection. To cut a long story short, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be adding such functionality.

Obviously this does mean I need to write some docs to clarify the existing functionality and limitations!!

edit: having thought about this for a few minutes, maybe adding support for incomplete multi-disc lookups where the discs are sequential starting from disc 1 would be doable.

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Thanks for the explanation.

Is the dialog box required to be at 1024*768 ?
Much more info can be displayed with a larger resolution.

e.g my modifications.

Bug Report
The hyperlink to the release page in the dialog box should follow the custom server (if defined) and not musicbrainz.org

Well I should still cater for small screened peasants(!) but the dialog should be resizable. It’s something I will work on soon.

I’ve just fixed that custom server release link bug. Thanks for pointing it out.