Folksonomy tags no longer work as of v2.0.0

I use the Folksonomy tags metadata feature to add genres by choosing the options “Only use my tags”, “Fall back on album’s artist tags…”, and setting the maximum number of tags to 1.

Since upgrading to Picard 2.0.0 this no longer works, so newly tagged files have no genre. Has anyone else see this?


Tag loading for the release itself works for me, what doesn’t work is the artist tag fallback.

The root cause is the JSON webservice not including this data (as opposed to the XML webservice previous Picard versions used). I added an issue for Picard. But actually this should be fixed in the web service backend, see


Thanks, I forgot to point out that I only put tags on artists too.

I’ll watch that issue.

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Does anyone know if there’s a workaround for this? (Besides manually tagging every single release.) I’m itching to try out genres!

I do it manually. Sadly :smiley:

I think currently the only two workarounds are:

  1. Make sure the tags / genres are set on the release in MB database
  2. or use Picard 1.4 (but you have to use all folksonomy tags then and miss out on the specific genre list support)

Thank you, hard working and lovely developers!

Now that Picard 2.1.3’s out, I believe this is fixed at the Picard end. I believe it’s also been fixed in the MusicBrainz server repo’s master branch, so are we just waiting for the actual server to pull in that update now?

I’m really excited to see genres working soon, thanks again!


Yes, this is how it should work out :slight_smile: We tested against the new server code, found out that server changes alone are not sufficient to make it work in Picard 2.1.2 and fixed these issues in Picard 2.1.3. So we now have to wait for the next server release.


Hi. Just to be sure, is it working now or not? I tried using the genre tag on some freshly ripped CDs and it doesn’t appear to do anything even thought this was supposed to be fixed a month ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This works. You have to enae genres in Options > Metadata > Genres. Also make sure the artists and releases you tag have genres set on MusicBrainz (and off not add genres).

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Well, i should have been more precise

  • I have enabled Use genres from MusicBrainz and Fall back on album’s artists genres if no genres are found for release or release group
  • I didn’t check Only use my genres nor Use folksonomy tags as genres
  • The band is correctly tagged with a validated genre, specifically folk metal (band is Arkona FWIW), however the release itself isn’t tagged at all (wasn’t actually)

I i understand correctly, Picard should use the band’s genre with those options since it doesn’t find any genre on the release itself, but that doesn’t appear to work.
Just to be sure, i added the folk metal tag to the release and Picard still fails to use it for the genre tag. Trying to manually apply it to the “style” tag using $set(style,%genre%) also fails, leading me to believe there’s nothing at all in the %genre% variable.

Sorry, I mixed this up. The server side changes have not yet been released on the main server, but it is available on the beta server. If you change the server address to “” in Picard’s options the artist fallback should work.

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EDIT. OK.Thanks for the beta server. It does indeed work now for most band but this particular one is duplicated on the server and the one i get as a result doesn’t have a genre set. I submitted a “merge” edit.

Thanks for your help as i wouldn’t have found that database issue as long as genre wasn’t working at all for any band i tried.