Find missing albums

Can musicbrainzs list missing albums from an artist in my library?

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That’s an interesting question!

I don’t know of an easy way to do this directly in the web user interface. You can easily list all albums by an artist. You can easily register a Collection of all albums by an artist which you possess. But I don’t know of an easy way in the web user interface to correlate the two.

If you were to download the MusicBrainz database, I imagine one could construct a SQL query to correlate the two lists. But nothing about that is easy.

Note that nothing guarantees that the list of an artist’s albums in MusicBrainz is complete.

Does this answer your question?
—Jim DeLaHunt

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I think they might be talking about using Picard to find missing albums, not the database itself.

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@jesus2099’s collection highlighter script can highlight everything from a collection on all pages, so it will do this :smiley:

There will be some manual work to add what you own to the collection, but after that you will be able to easily check a discography.

p.s. What I want is a way to highlight everything I haven’t played yet on an artist page, by comparing my ListenBrainz listen history… some day!


Yes as @aerozol said, mb_COLLECTION-HIGHLIGHTER is exactly made for that.
You can see missing albums, missing tracks, missing works.

Here is the mb_COLLECTION-HIGHLIGHTER support topic if you have any questions and where you can see screenshots.
There is also a link for a feature request ticket for this feature in native musicbrainz website.


I remember where I saw this, there is a tool that does this. Very cool, but takes aaaaages to generate:

Please don’t share tools intended for music piracy here, even if they happen to also help with this issue :slight_smile: