Feature request: add a "Bot requests" page

The MusicBrainz database is really well structured and very well made.
In my view, there is a need for some user accounts that can run as bots in order to quickly fix various issues in the database.
And a page where the regular users can ask the bot owners to run various tasks.

For example tasks like these:

  • for all the entries featuring a Wikipedia link, grab and add the WikiData link (if exists) - and then delete all the Wikipedia links.
  • for all the entries featuring a WikiData link, grab and add the information and links from WikiData, the way this manual script is doing: MusicBrainz: Fill artist info from wikidata.
  • for all the WikiData items that have a MusicBrainz link (143,503 artists for example), check if the respective MusicBrainz items have the WikiData link. If it doesn’t have it, then add it. Also grab the info and the links the WikiData items have and add them to the MusicBrainz database.

And so on


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Here is your page, a forum topic. :wink::+1:


True, that’s good enough for the moment.

I downloaded all those 143,503 links and checked if they have a WikiData link. I’ve found 13,788 items that are missing the WikiData link. I got a list that looks like this:

I can convert the list in many other forms, like for example this:

Is there any good place for storing this list? One day, someone will pick up the task - hopefully.