Event Art Archive

there’s recently been talk about the upcoming Event Art Archive in the unofficial Discord, and someone mentioned a few things for community discussion, so here we are~

an important addition in my eyes (and I’ve already mentioned it on the ticket linked above with a random example), we should also support artwork for tour series. often I’ve seen artists putting posters on social media posts advertising an upcoming tour

adding this would mean supporting art for only certain series types, since that’s how we represent tours

if you’ve got any input for this upcoming feature, feel free to share it here~


It would be nice to allow uploads of pictures/scans of event merchandise here as well, including the ones sold independently and the ones sold with releases (for releases that don’t really have any distinction between the retail editions and ones distributed in the events at release-level).

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ooh, merch could also apply to tours~ like that one Led Zeppelin T-shirt that everybody wears~

@UltimateRiff per your tour flyer; i would (/was going to) add a tour poster/flyer listing to each event in the tour.

of course the beauty of this should be that we can multiple images attached, and an order like:

Single Show flyer/poster
Tour/multiple date show flyer/poster
Tour/multiple date show flyer/poster (with ammendments, like “SOLD OUT”)

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that could work, but that would involve a lot of duplication, especially for tours with a bunch of stops… perhaps (long-term) we could show tour images alongside event images? maybe in a separate section or with an extra label?


I don’t know if Flickr is still widely used but we can also use event machine tags, there:



I mean, are we not mean to put tours into a Series entity and then choose the type of Tour?

Could we not add the tour posters/flyers to the series? :thinking:

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that’s basically my idea, I guess I didn’t word it well in my OP… lol~ edited

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