Event Art Archive

there’s recently been talk about the upcoming Event Art Archive in the unofficial Discord, and someone mentioned a few things for community discussion, so here we are~

an important addition in my eyes (and I’ve already mentioned it on the ticket linked above with a random example), we should also support artwork for tour series. often I’ve seen artists putting posters on social media posts advertising an upcoming tour

adding this would mean supporting art for only certain series types, since that’s how we represent tours

if you’ve got any input for this upcoming feature, feel free to share it here~


It would be nice to allow uploads of pictures/scans of event merchandise here as well, including the ones sold independently and the ones sold with releases (for releases that don’t really have any distinction between the retail editions and ones distributed in the events at release-level).


ooh, merch could also apply to tours~ like that one Led Zeppelin T-shirt that everybody wears~

@UltimateRiff per your tour flyer; i would (/was going to) add a tour poster/flyer listing to each event in the tour.

of course the beauty of this should be that we can multiple images attached, and an order like:

Single Show flyer/poster
Tour/multiple date show flyer/poster
Tour/multiple date show flyer/poster (with ammendments, like “SOLD OUT”)

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that could work, but that would involve a lot of duplication, especially for tours with a bunch of stops… perhaps (long-term) we could show tour images alongside event images? maybe in a separate section or with an extra label?


I don’t know if Flickr is still widely used but we can also use event machine tags, there:



I mean, are we not mean to put tours into a Series entity and then choose the type of Tour?

Could we not add the tour posters/flyers to the series? :thinking:

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that’s basically my idea, I guess I didn’t word it well in my OP… lol~ edited

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heads up everyone, this is currently working in the test environment so :crossed_fingers: it’ll be available for beta soon :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Good news everyone!

This is now available for testing in beta; on each event entity page you’ll now see the Event Art tab and then can upload.

Now there is no hard and fast guidelines yet for what should and shouldn’t be uploaded; I guess that is for us now to hash out however it seems to be encouraged to upload event posters.

There are a few examples already underway by @UltimateRiff as per these events:

I think these are great examples of adding the art and I can’t see there being too much kick-back from the community in understanding these are the event poster.

The issue comes further in that there are many “posters” (read more in a minute) which cover multiple venues. Considering we split events per venue that would mean needing to upload a tour poster to every entity; fear not however as the quick thinking UltimateRiff has already raised this ticket to add these posters to their tour series entity instead!

There’s a few examples they have provided in that ticket however here is what it would look like if we uploaded these types of images to multiple events:

So here are the questions ultimately;
Should Posters with Multiple Dates Be Added to Event or Series Entities

  • Events Only
  • Series Only
  • Both Events and Series
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Along with that it might be good idea to get an idea of additional art types; here are some I can think of that people might want to upload:

  • Poster for the event this would be a poster (traditionally shown at the venue) for the event at a single location, but possibly for multiple dates at that one location
  • Poster for the tour this would be a poster (traditionally shown at a participating location/venue) for a wide selection of dates and usually following some kind of promotional theme (album release, reunion etc.)
  • Altered posters sometimes venues/promoters will like to post posters that have been altered from the original to either show dates that have sold out or have been cancelled. There are also revisions of posters with additional dates added (usually for big events)
  • Ticket stubs these are copies of people’s tickets after they have been processed by the venue on arrival. These are considered collectable and are a good source of evidence of not only the act but the promoter, the price, the start time and sometimes even any support acts
  • Magazine advertisments [a vested interest to me as I have 1,000s of these] these are not posters per-se, although they can be general copies of the posters found at venues, and are often printed in music magazines and can range from full page colour prints to small black and white listings
  • Zine advertisments considering that 'zines differ from magazines in their DIY approach and low production run they can include adverts done by fans usually by hand and then photocopied (or Xeroxed) for reproduction
  • Flyers thinking here more about the rave scene, flyers were often the main way that raves (legal or otherwise) were advertised; there is a big scene in collecting and preserving these flyers and they can be just as interesting as posters IMO.
  • Photographs of the event this might be the most contentious point yet; there is a large grassroots community of photographers who’s livelihood (or at least a decent amount of income) comes from taking photos of these events; these photos are usually copyright of the photographer or promoter and are not intended for re-production. Of course in the modern world of the internet we know that these copyright images are often copied without permission and uploaded to websites without said permission. Even if we consider “non-professional” photographs, like those taken by amateur fans on simple point-and-shoot cameras, they are also falling into this bin of copyright hell. Considering we generally don’t permit the upload of images of performers, I believe that photographs of the event might likely fall into this camp too. Happy to discuss further of course.

I believe that’s all the variants I can think of now, please comment below with more or any comments you have.

Having the Event Art Archive working is a major achievement and I am really excited for its possiblities!


also if you guys are interested I am tracking the released with artwork with this tag:

I’m down for any of those types, possibly except for Tour posters (unless they’re going on the series) and possibly photographs of the event (tho I’m not against these, just might be difficult to moderate and make compatible with our open license)

that said, I’m certainly not against either one~


I think another good candidate for an additional EAA type is playbills and programs. These can have credits, bios, and other cool stuff we might want to archive.


one type of event art (especially for online events and likely Festivals) is a Schedule. I often see them on the actual poster, like for Coltchella 5, but it isn’t always in the same image, like for Burning Mare 3.0: Pony Music Machine (and yes, I know that the first image isn’t really a “poster” per-se, but it’s the closest I found for the event). a schedule can be a very important piece of documentation when it comes to events too, since we do list start times for individual artists

also, eventually we will need to write up documentation for these event art types (already made MBS-13602 for this on the server side)


I’m all for " Ticket stubs"


I’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for the main event art type missing for my needs, which is 'banner:

Might be useful for others looking to create more.


I have added comments and a new ticket. With all of these, festivals should be covered. Should I add the essence here?

@sound.and.vision would you like to add you suggestions there, too? They perfectly cover Tours and Concerts. While I will be totally fine with having only the first three.

@aerozol Should we make a big poll here, because there are now many type suggestions?

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I think it’s fine to just add tickets for any types you want, and discussion and votes can happen there (a poll is doubling up on that functionality imo).

I just added a ticket for a ‘setlist’ type as well, so far (I think?) we have tickets for:

If anyone would like more EAA types but isn’t comfortable making tickets (yet!) I can add them for you, ping me.


I added an event at 2024‐05‐22: Stadium of Light, Sunderland, England, UK - Event art - MusicBrainz which has

  • setlists, handwritten and printed
  • merchandise tradecart, front and back
  • merchandise, shirts (different versions)
  • travel ticket (which advertises the show)
  • plus the usual posters (rectangular, square) and banners

and at 2024‐05‐25: Orange Vélodrome, Marseille, France - Event art - MusicBrainz

  • tickets (different versions)
  • posters (starting from the original event date, which then got postponed and finally rescheduled)
  • banners (starting from the original event date, which then got postponed and finally rescheduled)

@aerozol: Could you open JIRA tickets for me at least for

  • tickets
  • setlists
  • mechandise stuff

Thx in advance


I have created new tickets* for:

All new EAA cover type tickets are linked on this ticket: MBS-13602

By the way, I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes by moving these straight into tickets. But the ticket system is where they belong imo. Even if a EAA type turns out to be a bad idea, people searching for tickets or creating a new one in future will find that discussion and be able to follow the decisions made (and reopen the ticket if needed).

*Flyer is one I wanted to add, and I had already added setlists