Editing meme songs, and dealing with sample, mashup, and remix relationships

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so, I’ve recently began treading into unfamiliar waters while editing meme songs and releases, and I’d like some input on a couple entities I’ve recently edited. First off, there’s this:

the track on Bandcamp here, for reference.

there’s a ton of samples and vocals from other songs and memes, most of which I’ve added, and all that is mashed up into “Through the Fire and Flames” by DragonForce (with several lyrical and musical edits). I don’t think I’d call it a mashup though, since most of the original song is there, both vocals and music; I don’t even know if there’s a word for this type of remix/edit/mashup/whatever yet. I’ve currently got it set as a remix of “Through the Fire and Flames”, since I think it’s been changed too much to be just an edit.

I’m still in the middle of working on the other thing, but it’s Neil Cicierega’s “Mouth” series of albums. I’ve gotten the first two done, (“Mouth Sounds” and “Mouth Silence”), save for some sampled television end card jingles in one song.


after listening to it i think remix seems like the right move

i added a work for it and linked that to the original TTFAF using “is based on,” but i could see the argument for using “parody version of” there as well


I feel like a parody is a bit more specific; it’d use the same (or at least a similar) instrumentation, just with different lyrics. in this case, since the lyrics are mostly the same, I’d argue it’s not a parody.

I do actually have another question… for recording-to-recording “sample” relationships, would I specify what was sampled, or what the sample was used for? i.e. if someone takes the lead vocals from a song and uses it as percussion or something, would I specify a vocal sample or an instrument sample?

Alright, I think I’ve gotten far enough to start asking about the Mouth albums. I’ve gotten about as far as I can with the first 3, and what I didn’t know, I’ve added annotations and fixme tags (at least for what I know that I don’t know :wink:)

Haven’t finished Mouth Dreams yet, but I plan on getting that soon™ :grin:

I also wanted to re-bring up my question from my last post, if anyone knows:

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