Edit Notes for Batch-add "performance of" relationships

Hi all,

I am using this script a lot: Batch-add “performance of” relationships

I was wondering, when you use this script you can’t leave an edit note. Would it be possible to make is so that I can leave an edit note?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if this script is still personally maintained by a person.
It seems that a user of the script would need to step in and code this feature and then submit a merge request.



Lol, apparently I’m the last person who touched the code of this userscript, but I didn’t work on any features :joy:

It uses an internal API to add the relationships. I think I’ve seen (old) documentation for this API on the wiki, but I can’t find it right now and I don’t know whether it supports adding edit notes at all it can be found here: User:Bitmap/Relationship Editor Parameters - MusicBrainz Wiki

In case anyone wants to give it a try, here’s the relevant section of the code:

I think this API was used during submission with the old release relationship editor, which also left no edit notes for work relationships? I don’t know whether it’s used by the new/current release relationship editor…


Ty for your reply, however I dont understand one word of it. The user script is still working perfectly except for the edit notes :slight_smile:
Please please don’t break it whahahahahahah

Yeah, I’ve only put together some hints in case someone wants to try implementing the edit note feature. A subtle hint that I don’t have the time to try it myself :slight_smile:


There are both rel-editor.make_votable checkbox and rel-editor.edit_note that are available and important stuff.

I have added them to bitmap mass recording comment script long time ago and would be happy to add them to this other script, add well.
But i have never used this script yet. :thinking:


Ah apparently it’s also a script by bitmap and it runs in /artist/MBID/recordings page.
I will have a look at it a little bit later today…

But don’t hope too much because I usually don’t use same kind of code and sometimes I’m completely lost in the JavaScript style of others.


@jesus2099 The fact that you are willing to try is sweet. Thank you

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It seems quite scary.
I need little guidance on how you are using this script:

  • You load a page of recordings.
  • Then you click Hide recordings with performance ARs and maybe Hide recordings with pending edits?
  • And then you click Their suggested works: Go?
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the workflow you mention is basically how I typically use it. the only exception is if I just created an artist I’ll hit the “new works from recording titles” after removing duplicates and making sure there’s no covers. I do use some of the other features on occasion, but not terribly often

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I’m too used to work at release level.
I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all using that script (apparently there is no way to check what works will be attached to recordings).
But as a user of MB, edit notes are really really seriously lacking to these many edits.

If I add the edit note text area below, it will take too much vertical space.

I would like to add it at the end of the right column.
Is it always a blank grey space like on this screenshot?
Would it be slightly out of place?

Android Kiwi Browser


the Suggested work is a hyperlink, so it is possible to check if it’s the correct work. that said, I’m not sure every editor does…

while we’re in there, it might be a good idea to add a note that this userscript was used, because currently there is none, see Edit #101008991 - MusicBrainz

there’s always a blank space there on my setup, (Firefox and Chrome on Windows), so that would be ideal~

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I have submitted a merge request!

  • Add Make Votable checkbox
  • Add Edit Note text area
  • Append userscript signature to the Edit Note
  • Cleanup metadata block

You can test this version by going to Files Changed tab, then View File (in … menu), then Raw.


@jesus2099 Thank you but I don’t understand :frowning:

Go to the merge request link in my post above.

Click Files changed then View:

Click Raw (on desktop) or Raw file content / View (on mobile):

This will install my proposed version, if you want to test it before it’s accepted.

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@jesus2099 Yesssssssssssssssss Thank you so very much. Need to work for a few hours and then Im gonna try. Let you know asap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

greets Tis

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I did have a look but something is going wrong. Take Ella Fitzgerald. On the first page of the recordings I can still see the userscrip but on the second page not anymore.

I dont see the linked works anymore, so I cant see what has been done and what not. The linked works should be visible beneath the recordings

On the first page of the recordings I can still see the userscrip but on the second page not anymore. … when i go back to page 1 of the recordings you dont see the user script anymore

Ah thank you for this test!
You are not using Violentmonkey, I guess.

If you can edit your local script, add an asterisk (*) at the end of the // @match line.

It is not really normal that it is needed but I think it’s the fix to be compatible with your userscript extension.

Can you give me your OS, browser and userscript extension info?

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windows 10
Firefox 114.02 64bits

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