DVD-Video Editing: How to handle duplicate videos

So I’m looking at Release “Greatest: The DVD” by Duran Duran - MusicBrainz and notice that it doesn’t contain entries for the ‘extra’ videos (see Discogs’ Notes for more details). The ones with different track times should almost certainly be listed as separate recordings because the audio and video are both different, correct? But what about the alternative ending of the long, uncensored version of Girls on Film? How should that get handled?


P.S., as someone who has recently decided to rip his DVD collection and tag it with MusicBrainz, please tell me that DVD-Video will eventually default to ‘Video’ in the recording… :slight_smile:

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I guess there is no such duplicate videos.
There are different video recordings of the same work.

I don’t know how you rip, but in case it’s useful, here is how I do:
User:Jesus2099/Concert DVD ripping - MusicBrainz Wiki then tag audio files with foobar2000 then put them in Picard and Add Cluster as Release plugin (this submits chapter times including milliseconds).

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OK, so it sounds like there really should be multiple recording entries for the different videos with the associated metadata links to point to the appropriate audio recordings. Thanks!

For ripping, I’m using MakeMKV (on Arch Linux) to get the DVD & BR discs to mkv. Those files are then fed into a script that reads them with mkvinfo to get the chapter info, which is fed into mkvsplit to split into chapters, then into ffmpeg to convert the selected audio (usually DTS 5.1) and video into m4v (h264 for video + alac for audio) since that is the maximally compatible with all of our devices (iPhones in our pockets to Kodi in our living room). Since I’m wanting both audio and video, the different video content matters to me a great deal. :smile: