Does it make sense to have multiple catalog numbers for the same label on a release?

I came across a release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King that has three different catalog numbers for the same label (Reprise Records). The cover art includes two images of the back/spine that differ in the catalog number shown on the spine but appear otherwise identical.

Should this entry be split into separate releases or is it acceptable to combine them into one release as in this case?


They should be split into two different releases, even if it’s just a small difference in the packaging.
Different catalog numbers definitely warrant a new release :slight_smile:


It seems that @ChrisHines9 says the catalogue numbers are on the same physical release.
In this case all of them should be set in MB.
I personally don’t repeat the label, though.

No, I have not seen any evidence of the catalog numbers appearing together on the same physical release. The MB release I liked in my OP has multiple back/spine images attached that belong to separate releases.

Thanks. What is the easiest procedure to split a release in MB?

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You can add another release in the same release group. It should give you the existing tracklist as a basis, so you’ll need to fill in the first page of info but not most of the rest.

Otherwise, I think @jesus2099 had some sort of cloning script?