DJ Mix tracklist for mixes released as a single track


Feed Me put out a few mixes that include a myriad of other tracks, but they’re released as a single track (like this track and its tracklist). This makes it a little clunky when you use Picard to tag the track because each individual track is included, instead of the entire track.

How should the tracklist be set up for this kind of DJ Mixes?


I would add another release in the same release group with everything in one track.
The new release should have the release date as the date that it was put onto Soundcloud, and have the same artwork etc.

I think the track title would usually be each song seperated by a ‘/’ eg:
Little Cat Steps / Chinchilla / Gravel / Mositif… etc
But that seems quite long and I couldn’t find the style guide for this, so maybe someone else wants to chip in.

According to
we would have:
Release name: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Continuous Mix
Track name: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Continuous Mix
And the track titles and respective artists are entered into the annotation.


I would say the only “real” (official) release here is the one-track continuous mix, actually - the other one doesn’t exist as such and should probably not be set as official if added at all (I see that this one is not set as official anyway, but speaking generally :slight_smile: )


There are a few releases where the first cd contains the release and a second cd contains a single track that is the first cd mixed together.

I have 18 months as an example of this: