Digital Tradition Folk Music Database (mudcat) for lyrics

The Digital Tradition Folk Music Database, which is found at places like
the DT (Digital Tradition) search at,
is not included in the Whitelist for lyrics websites.

This is probably by design.
And here seems a good place to record the reasoning.
So why ain’t it in the whitelist?

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They probably aren’t in the whitelist because nobody has gotten round to adding them yet. There is a ticket for Mudcat, but not yet for the Digital Tradition Folk Music Database. You can add your vote to the existing ticket and create a new one for the other database.

Of course, talking about it here does increase your chances of getting them included earlier.


MudCat Café (and by extension the(ir) “DT”) is a site that I used to be involved with, so I know them somewhat. However, to the best of my knowledge, they don’t have a license and they also publish lyrics that are not in the public domain, so they’re (unfortunately) not a safe lyrics link. It might be a good “other database” target though, since they do have a wealth of information about traditional/folk(-ish) songs.


I’ve got a list of folk-song databases
Electronic and Print Resources

What restrictions are in place for the ones we would use on MB?
(Beside either having a license or only publishing PD lyrics.)

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Being reasonably linkable, I guess. Preferably with an identifier as part of the URL, but not necessarily.

Also, for things such as “The Roud Folk Song and Broadside Index”, Child Ballads, etc., we would ideally have as close to an official source for this, if there’s a university or foundation or something that maintains such a thing.

(Also note that several of these collections have Series entities:

I’ve created a collaborative collection for these, please ping me off-band if you want to be a collaborator!)

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Shouldn’t the mudcat ticket be closed with “won’t fix” then?


Jumping in here to point out that Freso mentioned DT “might be a good ‘other database’ target”.

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