Digital Releases with missing tracks on other platforms

One example of this is Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love 360 Reality Audio Mix digital release. The Tidal version has 3 missing tracks, the duets. The Amazon version, however, contains all the tracks. Do we need to create two digital release entries for the Tidal and Amazon versions or just one entry with an annotation that 3 tracks are not available on Tidal?


I would think that this situation requires a seperate release as they do differ.


A separate release, certainly. I’m not sure that the annotation is necessary. MB shows the number of tracks on releases.

This one? The numbering of the tracks (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, etc) suggests to me that the duets are hidden on Tidal rather than missing. Digital releases with unavailable tracks is a similar case. I’d assume it’s a technical or licensing limitation and treat the releases as the same. Are the duets in spatial audio on Amazon or are they still regular stereo?


The tracks in Amazon are in spatial. That is why I am asking this because I think the tracks existed before. They are just temporarily/permanently not available or were taken down from Tidal for some reasons.

I am adding mostly from digital releases and this is it’s complication. Some tracks will become unavailable in the future because of licensing issues. And that’s why I was asking if I could just add the complete track list, throw in all available digital download/streaming links and annotate which ones has missing tracks. Annotations could be easily edited in the future if more tracks become available/unavailable. Adding every variant because of missing tracks is just messy.


IMO, if it’s just only missing tracks by numbers or greyed out, I don’t believe it should be a different release if all else is the same.