Digital releases with unavailable tracks

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today, i was going to add an album i was listening to, but i encountered a situation i’ve never seen before. according to atisket, this album was released worldwide, but one of the tracks is shown on the release but not available to play. typically, i’d just look for another release with only 11 tracks and add that as worldwide, but i can’t find one. this is the only streaming release i can find, but it has blacked out, unavailable tracks. how do i add this in musicbrainz?

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That release is already on MB. You just can’t play the last track anymore. You can always say something in the annotation about that.

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See similar case with bandcamp:

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It seems track 12 is a itunes bonus track. You can double check with other services:

I would create a separate release for itunes with 12 tracks, and edit the existing release into 11 tracks only.

In this case, I think there is a difference between hidden, and unavailable

Actually this is bit off-topic, but now that I’ve searched for it, the streaming release for Milktea by Duck Duck Pony has track 10 but not track 1:


I also made a similar release here last night, for reference: Release group “EMMA HAZY MINAMI Vocaloid Cover Selection #373_2” by EMMA HAZY MINAMI - MusicBrainz
But also note that I’ve only started editing MB recently too.

It’s probably because the 12th track is album-only when purchasing:

Presumably it’s also limited to not being streamable either, but the album is still a 12-track release and should be treated as such.

Evidently YouTube Music and Amazon Music hide non-streamable tracks instead of greying them out and aren’t very reliable in cases like this. For an extreme example, all but 4 of these 15 tracks are album-only when purchasing. In the UK, YouTube Music shows 2 tracks but says there’s 15. Amazon Music shows a 4 minute track, but says it’s a 56 minute album.