Digital releases: Merging? / Long country list? / Just [Worldwide]?

That doesn’t work for the very, very large amount of releases where a CD version is added way before its vinyl original.


Understood, but as I am sure you know, the subtle difference between the original release date and release date is not understood by many people. You have to know the subject area… was looking at a Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ CD with 1979 printed on it…not the release date! easy to see how this could get added as 1979 release date but it’s wrong.

Perhaps some release groups need to be ‘locked’ as I suggest. We need to protect the good data and we can’t have people like @IvanDobsky wasting time on cleaning up mess like he mentions.

It would work for the very, very large amount of releases where a CD version and digital is added AFTER its vinyl original… The Beatles, lots of Dylan, Kate Bush etc etc

It is very common for the original vinyl\cassette to be missing. That takes 100% manual work (or a Discogs import). Much more common to have CDs as “earliest” items. And this date issue used to happen on those. (There is a thread not to far from here that includes a list of “CDs to Fix” that I was working on the other day…)

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search does not find it…

On the main Editing menu you can find Reports. These are lists of database anomalies.


Just to make a short opinion:
I feel like “country” should be left unfilled in most digital releases.
This can change from time to time, maybe “Album X” is available in france in 2022, but not in 2023, and then is again in 2024.
Does not make sense to set any country to me.


We’re not tracking availability, and never did, so it doesn’t matter if it changes.


Any progress on this? I’m still keeping digital release countries blank unless it’s actually worldwide.