Handling of multiple listed release countries

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People are getting annoyed because Picard apparently doesn’t deal with many release events well. (I think there was a ticket already but can’t find it right now)

Sorry, but I am not reading 153 posts. But throwing in my thoughts as a tagger using Picard. I totally agree with @Kid_Devine

The data in the database needs translating by Picard.

One little request \ thought with respect to Picard. Many of us use Picard to tag our tracks. And digital tags only have space for ONE country. I would love to see an OPTIONAL switch which basically says “if there are more than three release countries, set country to worldwide”. Or “If more than three then check for GB, EU, US and set one of those in order”

That latter idea would then be able to be adjusted for the user’s country. If I was French I’d want to know when the French release appeared. I don’t want to have “Albania” set as the country of release as it was first alphabetical. :slight_smile:

Yes, the data should be in the database, but Picard needs a way of handling it.


In case of Magdalene, there’s XW and then an endless list of countries where it was released. At first I didn’t like that, but on the other hand it would solve the problem with Picard (worldwide) and there can be more detailed information about the countries where it is actually released.

But surely that is wrong? How can something be both Worldwide AND a list of separate countries?

And yeah, I can say for certain that something I tagged the other day that came from Deezer decided that “Albania” was the most important country to tag… until I went in and over-wrote this manually as GB as it was clearly where the British artist had initially released it before Deezer made it available worldwide to sell.

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Let’s say as a convention. If it’s XW plus list of countries, “worldwide” means all of these countries.

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It shouldn’t show Worldwide. I didn’t think about Picard on the new changes, but is it that hard to just highlight all the releases and replace release country with US or XW or whatever you want? MB should have the best data. Now that country lists are collapsable, we should show all the countries that the APIs show as it being released in, IMO.

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@tigerman325 - Picard is going to need something to handle these long lists. When you are just in the Picard interface you get no hint that there are 100+ countries listed. It just picks the first country and uses that.

I think it does the same even if there are only two countries. You only get the first(?) one and no idea that there are more than one listed.

Yep, impossible. There is no long list to highlight and replace with whatever. :slight_smile:

Agree that MB should be showing “correct” data. This is an issue for Picard and @outsidecontext to catch up with now MB is now having these multiple lists. I doubt the issue was even noticed before.

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Found this old ticket:

Filed a ticket for overflowing context menu:

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Oh the insanity :frowning: My personal opinion on the uselessness of these “almost worldwide” country lists hasn’t changed. But of course we need to handle these cases in Picard.


I’d be tempted to do something like: if the number of countries is less than 4 (or some number set in the user’s configuration settings) list them all; otherwise show it as “multiple (x countries)” or some such (again possibly taken from a user setting).


I just overwrite the country manually on the list before I hit save. If I have a long list, I personally highlight all releases on the list and go down to the country list and manually put the country I want on all of them. Maybe I’m not understanding the problem, but I’ve had none and have been using Picard for 5 years for all my tagging and the new long lists haven’t changed that. There’s likely a way to even script that in Picard so you don’t even have to do that everytime.

Can we get the Picard conversation into a new thread so we are not distracted into the pros and cons of long lists of countries. I keep wanting to add comment to that debate… but would prefer some focus on Picard just handling what we now have in the DB.

Can tags even handle more than one country? I hadn’t notice before, but it looks like it only selects one. Even if the list is a short “EU, GB”.

And @sibilant is correct - there needs to be multiple solutions to this depending on how much people are interested in the lists. Some will want “set the artist’s country”, Some will want “set my country”, Some will want “worldwide”, and some will want they files packed with every single country that Deezer\iTunes\Whatever can sell to.


I disagree it’s not useless. It’s not quite as relevant in the digital age but it is for the days of LPs and Tape. If ones a serious audiophile then collectors are going to want the the earliest pressing possible from the country where the artist recorded the album and where the master tape ran it’s first batch. Some collectors may even have multiple copies of the same album from different countries. I’ve got 6 different versions of Sgt Pepper, admittedly they are not all the same recording released in different countries and are different versions, but the point is multiples of the same album and one needs to be able to differentiate between them.

Please read Digital releases: Merging? / Long country list? / Just [Worldwide]? for context. This really is only a topic for the “digital age”. And does not apply to Vinyl or other physical media. Show me a single Vinyl release with a list of more than 200 countries :wink: For Various reasons even for very popular releases you would have multiple releases with a much more limited list of release countries instead. This case is not up to debate here.