Script to suppress the excessive Digital Releases flags

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Does anyone have a script I can add to my browser to supress these excessive Digital Releases country flags?

They are starting to get out of hand in some places

(click image for the rule comedy glory)

The “ideal” script would let me name three or four regions I am interested in dates of and hide the rest. (i.e. UK, EUR, USA is all I usually look for on something going “worldwide”)

If it just hides the mess in ANY clever form it would be a great improvement.

Thank you in advance :grinning:

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You shouldn’t need one as per next MBS release (and it should already be collapsed if you use beta, I believe?):


As you can see by screenshot I usually stay on the normal server. A quick peak at the beta server shows the collapsed lists. Any idea when that will go live to the main server?

Good to see it is on the way.

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Until it goes live:


Thanks @jesus2099, that’s the one I was thinking of.

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