Demo or promotional?

Hi all,

I added this item:

It’s an Album / Official / Promotional now but I got confused and I wonder whether that should be Album / Demo / Official.

The item was sent out to interested parties for bookings or reviews, there is no official album with these recordings.

Same applies to this item:

Any thoughts?

The first one has the text “For Promotion Only” on the cover, so I see no doubt there.

The second one looks like an official release. It has a barcode, makes no mention of “promotional” use, and I doubt anyone would go to the trouble of producing a full digipak, complete with all the credits this has, for a promotional release.

I think they are both marked correctly.


Oh, my bad, not the digipack with barcode which is indeed an official and proper release, I meant this one:

(Still confused why I need to click on a link to see all release groups…)

Yes, on the first one there is the For Promotion Only. So you mean that it should stay Album / Official / Promotional?

And that second one, titled Live?


Where is the “official” on the first one? As far as I can tell, a release can be official or promotion, but not both.

Same question for the “Live” one. The artwork for this one also has red text stating it’s a promotional, and that’s how it is set. Where are you seeing “official?”

These two facts make me think it would be Album / Demo / Promotional

The whole album exists just for promotion = demo
This release not available to the public = promotional

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Like you, many of us see all the bootlegs and promos all of the time. So we turn to a userscript from @jesus2099


This inserts the “?all=1” into the URL that makes sure you see everything every time.


And its support topic, if needed.