Date vs. Original Release Date


Musicbrainz uses two dates for a release. The actual relese date of this particular product and the original release date, when the recording was first released.

The original release date is the date you usally want to see in your media player (imho), because it defines where the record stands in the artists discography and the spirit in which decade it was produced, …

However most media players ignore the original releae date and simply use the date. Amarok and Kodi ignore the original release date, Quod Libet is configurable to display it.

While what Musicbrainz does is unarguably correct, it doesn’t work well. How do you deal with that situation? Is there a plugin that which can use the original release date for the date field?

Thanks for your experiences!


Use scripting:



Although I resolved to do something similar, because I’m using iTunes, with: $set(date,$left(%originaldate%,4)) or alternatively $set(date,%originalyear%), Horus107 has a point. The Right Thing™ would be to have user expected tags behavior based on simple to use media player presets. One would select in Options his favorite media player in a list and Picard would do the rest. Most of the existing options could then be moved to the Options advanced section if one still wants to tweak them or if his favorite player is not available in the list.

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Just a quick question:

Lets say I am going to use a script:


Can I still somehow preserve the original value of %date% in different/new field? My point is, once I change the %date% to %originaldate%, the value of release date (the year of re-release/remaster/etc.) is basically lost. I would like to preserve this year somewhere in the metadata. Is this possible?

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I think that should be possible if you put a line like$set(anotherdate,%date%) before $set(date,%originaldate%) in your script.


Any way to force Picard to keep the letter case of the “Release Year” tag (which I created based on the above post) same as I put it in the script?
When I save the album, it appears as “Release Year”, but once I load the album in Picard again, it appears as this:

Not a big deal, but it is slightly annoying as it always shows that the album isn’t “perfect”.

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I’ve done something similar. And at first the tags were displaying properly but then some started showing as “release date” instead of “Release Date”. I realize that the tag should probably actually be “releasedate” or “releaseyear” and then Picard just has to be told how to display it.

Is that possible? Basically adding custom tags into the Picard interface?

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I’m also not very happy with the behavior of my media players (Kodi).
It would be fine to have a good support for the original release date in Kodi (e.g. also use the original release date in the artists discography). Unfortunately it doesn’t support it.

Sometimes I add the original release in MusicBrainz (if not exists) and tag my newer release with the original release. Even for some re-releases of old Vinyl-LP’s as CD I select the old LP as my release when tagging.
Sometimes I set the date manually in Picard.
And sometimes I just live with the new release date.

P.S.: Sorry for exhume this old thread but since it’s still a issue …

P.S.2: I’ve also started a plugin for Picard to keep personal values also on updating data from the MB-servers, but it’s currently on hold.

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