Naming of deluxe edition releases

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You are describing the EXACT plugin I am after. Please shout if you need any help testing it. (Or writing it if I can find time)

They are added as separate releases, but MB style guideline does not allow them to be named fully.

There are many deluxe editions added to the database where someone then comes along and decides that “deluxe” is ETI and they remove that from the title and put it in the disambuguration text instead. So the Deluxe has its own Release correctly listed, but the title has been trimmed by an editor who doesn’t like ETI.

Here is an example:

Look at the first two releases. I own that deluxe edition in its nice book. And it has extras added on the second disk. I also have a copy of the standard single CD edition. Currently in KODI they are titled the same.

THIS is where I would be real nice to be able to have an exceptions list that Picard can work with. If it spots that Release MBID then swap in my own chosen title of Resistance is Futile (deluxe) instead of the one Picard wants to set.

This example literally doesn’t have “deluxe” printed anywhere, as far as I can tell, so “deluxe” isn’t a possible part of the title at all. The choices here would be to not store it at all, or to store it as a disambiguation to help editors know which is which; the second choice was made, which is probably a reasonable compromise.

The only case where there’s a doubt about whether “deluxe edition” or whatnot belongs in the title is when the cover literally says “Album Title” plus “Deluxe Edition”, such as here or here. In those two cases, it’s probably sensible to keep in on the title - on other cases there’s a “deluxe edition” sticker on the wrapping, by which point it becomes mostly a “just choose to add it or not as per your personal preference” kind of thing.


This is what I am referring to. MB guidelines do not allow deluxe editions to be correctly named.

The fancy book edition has no text on it to say it is different, but place it in your hand and it is very different. Physically a different package. And extra discs thrown in when compared to the standard version.

The Graphic Designer has decided not to put the words on the cover. So the MB rules are not to put “deluxe” in the title. I am not disputing that. :wink: Disambigeration text is logical in this case as it is the MB way.

But it is purchased as a deluxe edition from the band website. They sold it as a different product. And named it different at the point of sale. Collectors will then refer to is as the deluxe edition.

This is the link I purchased from (as also noted in the Release)

This is why I want to find a way of automatically naming my deluxe editions so they stand out.

I realise that MB rules say “only what is printed on the cover”. Even if the artist has clearly sold it as a different product, if the title has not been changed then MB guidelines say to not put that on the title.

So I need a solution for my own tagging. I have dozens of examples of deluxe editions. I like the extras. But I often have them in a collection sitting alongside the standard editions. I am trying to find a way of telling them apart cleanly. Ideally a solution which means I can point Picard at albums and not have to remember to manually rename things.

I just looked at the Nirvana example and it made me laugh. There are LOADS like that Nirvana release with the exact same package - but the “deluxe edition” gets removed from the title. I happened to have a Pulp album open at the time with the exact same type of packaging.

This is why I am trying to find a separate solution. MB does not believe in showing the differences of editions, so I need my own way that can make use of MB data but not change guidelines.

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I disagree with your examples. The title field is the title, and not a product description nor a description of the packaging. Just because they sold you this thing with “Deluxe edition with two previously unreleased bonus songs and an extra disk full of nonsense” doesn’t make “Deluxe edition with two previously unreleased bonus songs and an extra disk full of nonsense” part of the title.

The title is the title. That the packaging feels differently has no meaning to the title.


I think you guys are missing my point. I am NOT trying to change any guidelines. I understand that a title is a title in this database. NO argument there guys. :wink: I just want to find a way of using the MB data as it stands to differentiate releases in my own collection. I just want Picard to remember when I change something to my text instead of using the online version.

There is no simple way in MB to note the different packages that get sold. Discogs keeps notes of these as it is part of the product being re-sold and it is more important to them that different editions exist. They put “limited edition” or “deluxe” into a different field. Not in the title.

In the MB world the disambiguaration performs that same action. Which is good. And nice and flexible.

What I am looking for is a way of making use of the data available to change my own tags at my end. A way that I can let Picard remember when I changed a Release or Track title to my own variant.

I know I am mad :crazy_face: - I have about fourteen different copies of Dark Side of the Moon, but there are differences. And anniversary re-issues of albums lead to more and more of these odd differences. At least with DSotM the covers tend to look different with the different releases.

For albums like Resitance Is Futile I tweak the title when I tag. It would be good to have a way to get Picard to remember those changes. Otherwise if I use Picard to bulk recheck tags on a band I can loose those little tweaks.

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Oh, my fault. I didn’t consider this.

However, rules are rules – and we have to break them locally. :sunglasses:

How about adding the disambiguation to your title tags?
Depending on how many versions of something you have, some people add a Catalague no. in somewhere :slight_smile:

If you would just like Picard to automatically include the disambiguation info when tagging, you may try this script below.

$set(album,$if(%_releasecomment%,%album% ($title(%_releasecomment%)),%album%))



The Nirvana example is also a removable DELUXE Edition, a Universal release series, actually.

When I buy this edition (I actually have it), it’s still NERVERMIND for me, not NEVERMIND DELUXE Edition.

I know there is a big package and everything but that’s perfectly conveyed by the comment.

The work name is NEVERMIND. NIRVANA did not title anything DELUXE, it’s just a version information.

The various removable deluxe editions stickers also often vary with countries (not in this specific case because it’s a named series, but still on a removable sticker).
The same release can have a “Version Collector” or “Version Deluxe” in France and “Deluxe Edition” in England.

One more reason to put it in version info, disambiguation comment, no?

PS. It seems it could be an issue with Picard? Doesn’t Picard show you the disambiguation comment?
If not, that’s certainly a requested enhancement.


Sorry, been busy. And I realise I type too much for people to read. :wink:

Yep - this is ONLY about my tagging in Picard. This is about use of the data outside of MB. Specifically in my Media Player. Finding a neat and automated way of taking the MB data through Picard and to my files. An addon that can remember my custom edits to my tags.

As I said above and @jesus2099 repeated, the Title is the Title and I am not talking about changing MB style.

The release edition is something that MB is not interested in, but the (disambiguration) is the ideal place for it. Thanks @x0pht for your script as I’ll use that. But the ideal would be a selective way of adding that only for some releases. Most of the disambigurtation texts are not relavant to my collection. This is mainly when I have multiple copies of a Release in different packages and I want Picard to remember what I changed.

And talking of titles, I changed this thread category as it should be PICARD related and nothing to do with MB Style. This is for my tagging only.


No problem. Yeah it’s not perfect. I prefer to include album or release editions in my album titles as well. The way I use this script is leave it activated and manually edit out the ones that are not edition info, so that I don’t end up forgetting to include the edition info. Since I don’t tag a huge batch at once, it’s probably a bit easier for me to do this manually. If I need to re-tag those tracks for whatever reason, I just make sure to remember to exclude the album title tag (use original value) from re-tagging.

On a side note, I seem to recall seeing a discussion somewhere saying that Kodi actually pulls tag info from MB database directly and overwrites (in terms of displaying tags) your custom tags when MB identifiers are properly tagged. I could be wrong though.

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Now that is a cunning way around the recheck.

Sometimes I’ll put a batch of albums back through Picard just to see if anything has changed. Often when I have been doing my initial tagging I have had to add a new release, or change some data, and that then gets stuck in the 7 day queue before it is released to the world and Picard.

As to KODI - it depends how the source folder is scanned. There is an option where KODI is told to read the tags instead of using online data. From v18 onwards more use has been made of the actual tags in the files, and now MBIDs are being stored in the database for the lookups. It is one of the main reasons I am here at MB as I have been improving the MBIDs in all of my collection.