Picard plugin to keep personal values

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I am sure I have seen that on Dave’s TODO list for KODI. He has done a lot of work to better handle MusicBrainz tagging in KODI and there is more to come. There is only one of him so it is slow progress. Black Eagle is working on better boxset handling… which is making use of MB tags to define them. So I would not be surprised if the date question is close to their minds.

I’m bookmarking this as it sounds interesting. I often rename tracks or whole releases. For example: I want to know that I have a deluxe edition of a Release even if that isn’t important to MB. I want it tagged correctly so I can spot it sitting next to the standard release in KODI. Is that the kind of “personal value” you are thinking of?

Well, yes in principle (but no in concrete).
My use-cases are often in a release title, e.g. in the question if a subtitle is included or not. Sometime I’m adding a kind of subtitle and sometimes I’m cut off parts, which are not relevant for me. Also for track titles I have sometimes changes in my tags (for different reasons).
This are usually cases where both variations (the MB-value and my personal value) are acceptable and correct values but not so clear, to change the value in MusicBrainz. If I find definitely wrong data in MB I’m typically correcting the data in MB.

In your example, a deluxe edition, I would rather and typically enter it as new release in MusicBrainz, if it doesn’t exist - even if nearly all other data is equal (same tracks but maybe different packaging, typically also the title would be the same; just a proper disambiguation should be used). Adding such similar releases is just an easy task and since only one field is different, it’s also correct to add it.
However, it would be possible to handle it with my planned plugin.

P.S.: My planned plugin works with shadow-tags. Also because of problems on .m4a I’m not sure, if I will continue with it.

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I don’t use KODI (I use Muso with Logitech Media Server), but I would have thought that the solution might be similar - i.e. just create your own tags on your music files. For example, I use the “albumsubheader” tag to store additional information about the release. Muso then displays this underneath the album title on the album page.

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