Database oddities

I came across this bizarre work that has YouTube linked as an IMDb page (how is that even possible?), and an ASCAP ID that isn’t an ASCAP ID. I was just going to remove all the nonsense and merge it with the main work, but is there anything here actually worth preserving?

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I know little about databases.
But the existence of those Relationships troubles me.
@Freso should these be looked at by db people?

We could get a split topic about DB strange things.
I have noticed another glitch: JOE COCKER edit in DAVID BOWIE edit history.


The weird link was probably added without javascript somehow? (the checking is only done on the javascript side of things, so if it is (or was) possible to add links with JS disabled (which I honestly haven’t tested) it might be possible for someone to add stuff like this every once in a while.

The ASCAP thing is more normal - we’re not checking those free text fields at all at the moment.

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