Coverart thumbnails missing after 5 years

The coverart for Release/d6f3f The Mozart Experience is missing thumbnails for the Front and Back scans of the multi-disc box. The scans were uploaded in 2017, so I think it is not just a matter of waiting for an overloaded Internet Archive server to get to them.

Could someone perhaps check to see if something is stuck, and if it could be unstuck, please?

And, I have another physical copy of that Release in hand. I am scanning it anyway for my purposes. Would it be easier for me to delete those two artwork images, and upload my own instead?


When you look at the CAA file list, you see that:

Name Last modified Size
Go to parent directory
history/ 08-Feb-2017 02:31 -
__ia_thumb.jpg 20-Jun-2021 03:52 10.6K
index.json 29-Jul-2022 04:36 2.2K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555.jpg 08-Feb-2017 02:31 835.9K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555_itemimage.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 13.1K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555_thumb.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 13.1K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555_thumb1200.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 413.0K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555_thumb250.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 20.8K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-15899215555_thumb500.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 74.0K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-16801884089.jpg 23-May-2017 13:56 2.2M
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-16801887227.jpg 23-May-2017 13:56 2.9M
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625.jpg 29-Sep-2012 17:29 37.8K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625.jpg_meta.txt 29-Sep-2012 17:29 212.0B
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625_itemimage.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 11.3K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625_thumb.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 11.3K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625_thumb1200.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 51.7K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625_thumb250.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 17.4K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc-2141084625_thumb500.jpg 19-Mar-2018 17:40 51.7K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_archive.torrent 19-Mar-2018 17:40 5.8K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_files.xml 29-Jul-2022 04:44 9.7K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_mb_metadata.xml 29-Jul-2022 04:36 1.7K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_mb_metadata.xml_meta.txt 13-Oct-2012 18:00 410.0B
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_meta.log 15-Feb-2017 03:00 991.0B
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_meta.sqlite 29-Jul-2022 04:36 14.0K
mbid-d6f3f802-6846-4450-849f-4da4cf7971cc_meta.xml 29-Jul-2022 04:44 1.5K

Is there a way to trigger the thumbnail generation, manually?

Thank you for the CAA files link, @jesus2099 . I was not aware of that window into the archive.

On a related note, the CAA API lists URLs for the thumbnails, but the thumbnails are not present at those URLs.

I noticed that on 19 May 2017, the Cover Art Archive was having problems. The cover art in question was uploaded four days later.

Should I be filing a ticket against the CAA project for situations like this, rather than posting to this forum? Is that a better way of getting the attention of the right people when they are ready to deal with it?

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chaban’s edit #91567103 triggered a re-index (the change of comment caused a new index.json to be uploaded), and that triggered a rederivation. I don’t know whether they did that edit specifically to trigger a rederivation, but the thumbnails are there now.

Anyone can trigger these re-indexations via multiple means:

  • Change an image comment or type
  • Reorder cover art
  • Add a new image (and cancel it again unless it needs to be kept)
  • Maybe removing an image and cancelling, but I’m not sure whether that triggers a re-indexing too.

However, although possible, I’d discourage it if you’re not somehow improving the cover art in another way, i.e. just setting a comment to trigger a re-index is only adding noise to the edit history. If I’m not mistaken, there are plans to eventually fix such problems automatically, but it could take a while before that gets implemented.

Adding a CAA ticket for a single release like that is probably also overkill, and even then it might take a while for it to get addressed. It’s probably best to join IRC and ping someone who has access to the coverartarchive collection on the Internet Archive, they should be able to trigger a rederivation manually. Your best bet would probably be to ping bitmap for that.

However, it’s not guaranteed that a rederivation alone would fix it, sometimes a re-indexation is necessary too (and that’s currently only possible with DB access or by performing one of the edits mentioned above). It appears that for this specific release, a re-indexation was necessary. The images weren’t present in the index.json (before chaban’s edit), and the deriver therefore “failed” and refused to generate thumbnails.

The reason why you were seeing the thumbnail URLs in the API response 2 hours ago, but the thumbnails didn’t exist, is because the re-indexation had already happened (you were looking at the new index), but the rederivation was still queued. The rederivation started less than 10 minutes after your last post :slight_smile:


And the thumbnails are now present, as of 2022-07-29 20:03Z. Thank you, everyone who helped me understand the process better, and who unstuck it.