Cover art types for digipaks and gatefolds

Continuing the discussion from Slim jewel case vs. single jewel case:

What cover art type should be selected for digipaks and gatefolds? I’m currently using ‘Other’ with comments like ‘outer/inner’ or ‘left/center/right’. Here’s a recent example, Release “Graduation” by Kanye West - Cover Art - MusicBrainz. Could we benefit from additional cover art type, such as digipak or gatefold? Not sure what the best word is for these scans.



There’s also this one:

For J card, I’ve always used Front-Spine-Back for the outside of the card and Booklet for the inside and any “extra” folds.


My note was about artwork naming, not packaging types. It was on my mind as I got my scanner working again.

Thank you for the thread @agatzk - you get my point. When uploading images of double or triple gatefolds there is not any real way of naming the gatefold’s “inside bit” or “the inside bit on the left\centre\right” for a three part gatefold.

This is an issue for both LPs and for Digipak CDs. I like to upload a full set of artwork but get stuck with the limited naming scheme.

Current artwork names are based around standard single CD jewel cases and their booklet. Or a simple LP sleeve and it’s liner.

I don’t know what we’d call it though. Gatefold-Outer and Gatefold-Inner? That still then needs a left\centre\right to be added in the comment.

Release “1 Inch / ½ Mile” by Grasscut - Cover Art - MusicBrainz is a simple gatefold example

And then I can throw in a nice headache like The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld

This is a Slipcase with a triple Gatefold inside it.

I probably should change those liners back to other - but the CDs slide into that card directly, so they double as liners due to holding the CD. And they are inside the outer slipcase.

That ORB CD also shows other missing items - slipcases. Once you have a gatefold inside a slipcase we now have multiple fronts and backs.

Also something better for matrix closeups and the backs of CDs as most people only want the pretty image and don’t understand why us geeks want to know about factories.


Yeah, I started out using other, but then started using liner as well. I noticed the manufacturers of tri-fold digipaks actually call them “panels”.
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I would be happy with a simple “gatefold”. It could denote all parts that are not front or back, and only become visible when unfolded. There’s only “booklet” for outer and inner parts and pages 1 to n. And if we’ve got multiple discs we also have one “medium”, and one “tray”.


I also use panel in my descriptions, or maybe inner pane, I don’t remember…

For me, Gatefold, I don’t know the meaning in French, and it’s already a packaging type, it’s the only place I have ever read Gatefold in my life, so it would be quite ambiguous.


I’ve already run into that issue with jewel case CDs too,

I personally like the idea of simply adding panel and slipcover as new types.

as a side note, I can also see a great benefit to adding photos of the release packaging like on the ORB CD and the Five Iron Frenzy release linked above. of the 13 or so releases in my collection that are digipacks or gatefolds, almost no two are exactly alike.


The fun of language confusion. Gatefold is pretty common in UK for these types of album covers. (They open like a gate)

Panel would be good, but the description would need to shout out Gatefold use. Don’t want people getting confused and using Panel for front of a booklet.

I like the flexibility of the word panel as I also have album covers that are big fold out items that are somewhere between Gatefold and Poster.

I am all for packaging shots as it shows how the art goes together. I have been told to remove them before by some editors.

Slipcases are common to many media. Also appear on cassettes. Or holding two CD jewel cases together as a single package.


There’s also this ticket for cassettes