Cover Art Problems

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I’ve seen a number of issues related to cover art, and mine seems to be similar to others I’ve seen, for example Red CD / circle on edited releases / 404 for requests.

I don’t seem to have an issue adding cover art.
I have trouble on occasional releases to retrieve the cover art.
For example, the release:

has a front cover which can be seen at

However, if I go to the cover art achive:

and do a search for “Too Marvelous: A Collection of Jazz Classics” - I get no results.
Also, in MusicBrainz Picard, I get the red circle next to the “Too Marvelous: A Collection of Jazz Classics” CD release, and if I right click and drag down to the “Info…” option, I get:

CAA JSON error: Error downloading - server replied: Not Found

Sorry, this is my first time posting, so if my problem is not clear, I can try to clarify.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?


Just tried to load your mentioned album release in Picard. For me it’s the same, no cover art and same error.
Please see this related thread: New cover art not loading

Sorry for not replying sooner.
Thanks for the tip.
I fixed the problem by first removing the cover art image and then uploading again.