Red CD / circle on edited releases / 404 for requests

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When I edit a release and add cover art Picard shows a red circle / CD-symbol. The reason is because of a 404 not found error for requesting the cover on

For example: I added this release 10 hours ago but still can’t tag the album via Picard because the cover can’t be loaded:

The error log shows:

E: 19:34:40 Network request error for Error downloading - server replied: Not Found (QT code 203, HTTP code 404)
E: 19:34:40 CAA JSON error: Error downloading - server replied: Not Found

The question now is: is that a bug of Picard or I found this topic Disk shows red after ‘look up’ - What does this mean? from August 2016. But it doesn’t help me because the error still happens and the last question isn’t answered.

The issue could be that the edit to attach the cover art to the release hasn’t yet passed and Picard will only use approved cover art by default. To get it to use the cover art immediately, you need to uncheck the ‘Options’ -> ‘Cover Art’ -> ‘Cover Art Archive’ -> ‘Download only approved images’ checkbox.

If it still has issues downloading the file, possibly because you’re asking for a 200px or 500px file size and the CAA hasn’t yet created the resized files, you can attach a local file by dragging and dropping it on the cover art display in the lower right hand side of Picard’s main screen. Note that you must have your release selected to apply the image to all the files.


The checkbox wasn’t checked. So that can’t help me. I also think that Picard trys to load the picture. Otherwise there wouldn’t be an error requesting the site. I also selected 200px and full size but I always get the same error. One more example where I added a cover and get error

Then I don’t know what to tell you because all the images download just fine here, including the 200px and 500px sizes. That is if I download them manually from the cover art page for the releases ( and

Having said that I see what you mean because I get the same error messages as you when trying to download them through Picard. I’m not sure what’s happening there. Perhaps it’s a bug triggered by the odd combination of the cover art not yet approved and the release being a single. I tried it with another single where the cover art edit has been applied and it worked perfectly (

For now, what I suggest is to download the images manually from the cover art tabs on the release pages, and manually drop them onto Picard. You may also want to create a ticket for this on

I turned on the debug mode on the logging and tried your request again. It appears that the CAA request is being redirected once or twice to different servers. My guess is that the information and images have not yet been replicated on the redirected target servers, and thus the problem ultimately ending up in the 404 Not Found error. I suspect that eventually the replication will catch up and the problem will disappear.

In any event, it appears to be a problem with the cover art servers and not with Picard.

Thank you. Yes that could be. It is a general problem. Every release where I change / edit the cover I get errors.

All other releases works fine.

And some days before I haven’t any problems with edited covers. After some seconds or one minute the pictures are available. But now it doesn’t work repeatable.

I try to put a bug ticket. It’s difficult to say where the problem cames from - musicbrainz oder cover archive.

UPDATE: issue created: