Colons in "Rock: On: 19:76"

Uh, **

Rock: On: 19:76

:** Where did I miss having to put a colon between 1976 or Rock On? That makes no sense. Are you just being a little facetious or did the pub keeper forget to close on time?:tumbler_glass:

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I assume you are taking the mickey? :crazy_face: The thread you were voting Yes on was about Rock On: 1976 having a colon in the MIDDLE of the title.

You voted YES on that change. You decided that Rock On: 1976 is correct. I was arguing the other way to keep it to the guidelines and use Rock On 1976 just like every other release in that series.

Yeah, my version up there added many more colons to have a laugh. I never hold a grudge on stuff like this. Want to make light of it. :wink:

But the “agreed” version from that discussion was to have the series separate the year from the “Rock On” part with a colon. Or did you not realise that is what you voted for?

(Or am I just totally misreading your reply here? :smiley: I keep misreading things lately it seems :smiley: )

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Yes I still agree with my “colon” vote. Just letting you know some of us “spineless” respondents enjoy your humor. Not many chuckles in my world so thanks. :upside_down_face: Sorry about getting off topic, I’ll be sent to my room again. Take care my friend I hear the footsteps coming down the forum hall.

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Don’t worry - as this is going Off Topic I’ll get the blame. Someone will be along soon to move my posts to a new thread…

Having discussions about your colon should really be on a medical forum somewhere. :ambulance:

Have to say you did have me going there for a while… I did wonder if you made a mistake there - would have had a bit of a difference on the 3-2 vote. (Should have passed now unless someone came in and sniped at the last minute)

As to my humo(u)r - glad to keep people smiling. Sometimes some people are just too darn serious all of the time. If you don’t laugh at the world then you are missing the joke. I know I annoy some people on here, but hopefully balance that out in the long run. :partying_face:

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