Why did topic get split?

I was actually joking!! I don’t understand why has this discussion been split again :frowning: Is there a tag we need to use to say we are having a related discussion? We had solved the initial point of the topic. Or specifically I had created a solution to the problem and then we started to talk about the content of the series created.

Is there a tag we need to add to social discussions that are going to meander? I didn’t think it would matter if we started chatting in that thread once it was solved.

Can I suggest an “OT” tag? OR a “Just Chatting” tag? I thought editing the title would have been enough.


I think our “room monitor” is coaxing us to use the general chatter category when we get off course. Unfortunately it puts a chill in the forum hall. Understandable from their perspective though. Rules is rules and it’s their playground. :passport_control: No matter, it’s still a nice place to play and learn. When they cuss at me I keep a stiff upper lip. :face_with_head_bandage:

“Is there a tag we need to add to social discussions that are going to meander?” That would be cool. It could be put at the bottom of the post with the like, chain, show more, reply symbols. The move could be made instantly. On a lighter note and completely off topic, I miss Iva Bigun.:rofl:


Future People™ may want to look back on the topic and read through it to see why something was done a certain way or what the arguments back and forth were. Any chatter that is not relevant to the topic should be moved to a new topic.

Note this point from Keep It Tidy:

  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

Sometimes I will miss an obvious diversion, and sometimes I will ignore it if it’s a single post or two or if there’s something else in posts that make it difficult to split cleanly. The best thing would be for posters to post on-topic replies in the thread and then post their off-topic reply using “Reply as a Linked Topic” (which, to be honest, I can’t seem to locate right now—I wonder if this was removed in recent Discourse updates).


It’s in the chain :link: icon, between heart :black_heart: and flag :black_flag:.


Indeed! And you can also use the curved arrow icon above the text box as you’re writing your reply :slight_smile: :


@jesus2099, @Freso. Thank you for the location and use of the “reply as linked topic” icon.

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I’m used to a very different type of community forum. Discussions lead to new ideas and better working relationships.

< Reply deleted as OT >


No one is intending to stifle conversations or discussions: just open new topics when discussions start being about new topics. This makes the forum easier to navigate for everyone and readers (who might not be active participants!—remember that this is not a collection of private conversations) can decide whether they want to follow the tangent to the new topic or not.

If you have 4 posts about Topic A but then follow that by 4 posts about Topic B, but still under the Topic A topic, and someone comes by a week later and want to comment on Topic A, they may get discouraged because the discussion seems to no longer be about Topic A. If Topic A and Topic B are tracked in two separate topics, people are much more free to chime in and continue the conversation at a later point, without worrying whether it’s still what the topic is actually about.

Edit: Also, “off topic” for the forum as a whole discussions are also welcome, they just need to be in the “General chatter” category. There are some already: #uncategorized (and looking there, I see a few topics that are miscategorised, that I’ll be moving as well!)


Sorry. I should just walk away and not try and reply. That reply was not relevant. I know my head isn’t screwed on right which is why I am so confused over this.