Chopped and Screwed Credits

Chopped and screwed (Chopped and screwed - Wikipedia) releases are typically remix albums of other hip hop album releases. I can’t find any mention of these releases in the forum. Ideally we have something with guidelines (wiki perhaps?) but I’d at least like some help to make sure I’m modifying these releases in accordance with our guidelines.

Artist credits are particularly confusing… Here are some examples. How should they be credited? It seems most simply leave out the presenters and remixers. Should these remix albums have their own RG?

Doubt Me Now (Dragged & Chopped) by Lil’ Wyte (Release “Doubt Me Now (Dragged & Chopped)” by Lil’ Wyte - MusicBrainz). This release is in its own RG. The artist credits on the cover include D.J. Black as the remixer (dragger/chopper, in this case), but he’s not credited on the release or any of the tracks.

YRN (Chopped Not Slopped) by Migos (Release “YRN (Chopped Not Slopped)” by Migos - MusicBrainz). This release is in its own RG. There are three (other) artists credited on the cover and none are credited on the release or any tracks.

Other examples of remixers not credited:
ATLiens - Outkast: Release “ATLiens Chopped & Screwed” by OutKast - MusicBrainz
Tha Carter - Lil Wayne: Release “Tha Carter (Chopped & Screwed)” by Lil Wayne - MusicBrainz

Here’s an example where the remixer is credited. Immackulate - M.C. Mack (Release “Immackulate” by M.C. Mack - MusicBrainz). DJ Hard Hitta has remixer credits on each recording, but no release artist credit or track artist credit.

Here’s a similar one where the remixer is credited on the recordings: Release “Boss Hogg Outlaws” by E.S.G. & Slim Thug - MusicBrainz

Open questions:
Where should presenters/remixers be credited? At the release level? Track artist? Recording remix?
Is it OK to only credit with remix on recordings? That (sort of) leaves out the name at the release (/track) level.

Do these releases get their own release group? Often times the track counts, track lengths, and track order are all different. There is usually no shared recordings or partial recordings. Style / Release Group (Style / Release Group - MusicBrainz) Section 6: “If in doubt, these releases should probably be in separate release groups.”

I don’t feel strongly about this (yet). I have created multiple releases and I tend to do something like this, Release “Come Outside, We Not Gone Jump You (ChopNotSlop Remix)” by Father, DJ Hollygrove & The Chopstars - MusicBrainz. Perhaps the release artist credits + track artist credits for both remixers is redundant/overkill?

I do think it makes sense to have separate RGs. This point is stronger if remixers receive release artist credits.

Final Notes:
Searching releases for ‘chopped’ returns 349 results (most are in this category), Search Results - MusicBrainz.

There are other similarly named (copied) styles including:
screwed and chopped
slowed and chopped
slowed and throwed
chopped not slopped
dragged and chopped
chopped up screwed up

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The release that sparked this post was Young Jeezy - Trap or Die (Chopped and Screwed) (

The cover (seen here: says… “Aphiliates & Corporate Thugz Ent Present DJ Drama [&] Young Jeezy [-] Gangsta Grillz Trap or Die (Special Collectors Edition) Chopped & Screwed by Paul Wall.”

I started entering some into the track artist credits and said “hmmm.” Best I came up with was “Young Jeezy & DJ Drama, Chopped and Screwed by Paul Wall,” but I thought ‘Chopped and Screwed by’ was too long a conjunction.

Edit: I did up the credits for this release,, some edits are pending

i think that + linking each track as a remix seems like a good strategy

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I think that’s a good strategy too. Thanks for the userscript, this is a great one I wasn’t aware of.

One counter-point is that often these remixers are clearly credited on the cover art. Wouldn’t it seem that an artist credited (sometimes in the largest print) on the cover should receive a release artist credit?

Edit: I misread your response, “that + linking each track” seems good.

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