Changing events to event series

There are a few events that I’d like to change to event series. The reason being that they were created as using the “concert” event type but serve only to act as master event placeholders with links to each real concert of a multi-day event. Examples of such are: 4回目のひな誕祭, 日向坂46 デビュー2周年記念 Special 2days, ひらがなけやき日本武道館3DAYS!!, etc.

I made these at the time when I was still very unsure about using the “event series” series type as I had the impression that they were reserved for similar events, but generally held at different locations, unlike the examples I have given above which are all held at the same location. Through a relevant forum question, I now know that it is not the case. It also helps that Taylor Swift’s extensive list of events provides a trove of examples to follow on how to properly organise multi-day events.

I also found another forum question regarding changing labels to series and in it the answer was that there is no mechanism in MB to do such a thing. I’d like to know if this is also the case for events, and how should I go about cleaning up the excess “concert” type events that I created erroneously.

Hmm, I’m not saying this is the ‘correct’ way to do it, but I have also been collecting multiple days under a top level event.

For instance:
Punkfest 2010 collects 4 other events (e.g. days) under it
And is itself in the Punkfest series

So I’m also interested in the feedback you get on this question.
Either way, unfortunately there is no method to easily change event > series.

Regarding festivals, I totally agree with what you have done, which is to create a master festival event for each individual festival, have them link to separate individual concerts per day (there’s a a ticket that suggests this), and if need be have it be a subseries within a larger series of festivals. An example of that is W-KEYAKI FES.2021 being a festival event of several concerts, and itself being an entry of the W-KEYAKI FES festival series. It makes logical sense for it to be organised as such.

If there is really no way to change an event to a series, I’ll just have to resign to (auto)deleting the events and create new series. I’ll wait out a week more to get more feedback.

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I’m not familiar with the events in question, but it looks like these could be entered correctly? was each day basically the same concert, or did different shows happen each day (different setlists, member appearances, etc.)? if it’s the former, perhaps yes, it’s an event series or two seperate events in the same series (say a tour), but for the latter (especially if you could buy a two-day or three-day ticket) I’d say it’s correct to enter this as an event with parts

to answer the question in the title, I don’t believe there’s a way to convert an event into a series, so yeah, you’d have to merge the main event into one of the days and create a new series

There’s no way to convert an Event to a Series, so yes, you need to create a new Series and create at least n-minus-1 new Events if the separate concerts are missing.

They are definitely not entered correctly.

You can see this very quickly from the linked videos:

Right then, I suppose I’ve got my tasks lined up for this weekend!

I’d like to clarify what you meant by being entered correctly. Are you referring to whether the events are truly unique events (with regards to the setlists, member appearances, etc.) or if the events are completely the same over different days (like a movie run), then no, at least not for the events I’ve added. All of the events, even those of which I’ve yet to input the setlist for, have different setlists even if they are performed the next day at the same venue. Ticketing for these events from this group usually only sell single day tickets, not multi-day tickets (I know because I often buy their tickets).

I was thinking along the lines of just removing all the relationships to the main event and let it auto-delete, but you’re right to say that I can just merge them and not deal with the trouble of explaining in the many edits that’ll need to be made to remove each and every relationship link.


Can I ask for you to clarify what you mean by this?

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The separately ticketed concerts should exist, but the parent event should not.

At least, my understanding of the data model.

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I don’t know if it’s the case here, but sometimes we have a “Tour” parent event, though.

A tour (like your example) is a series :slight_smile:

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Oh yes! I thought I had created an event! :smiley:

I might tend to agree with @yindesu on the third example in the op, but as the other two both have an official website, so I think that’s actually reason enough for the two-day event to exist for both. that said, I don’t see any issue with grouping the third example (the three-day event) together with an event either…

ooh, the structure of events is actually very similar to these events (and a few other examples in this collection). the situation around them is different tho, as my examples are mostly two-day concerts or festivals (depending on marketing) that take place as part of a convention, and there’s different artists each day, but apart from that, it’s kinda similar~

That’s true, but I feel that it would be more appropriate for the parent two-day event to be an event series instead of an event. My reasoning is that the parent event is actually a collection of related concerts, each usually with a different setlist, but following an overall theme. Therefore, if the intention is to create individual events for each concert, the parent event would thus be a “series of events” even though it is advertised as a single event with concerts over multiple days back-to-back at the same location. This is in line with the definition of a series on MB.

A series is a sequence of separate release groups, releases, recordings, works, artists or events with a common theme. The theme is usually prominent in the branding of the entities in the series and the individual entities will often have been given a number indicating the position in the series.

You’re right, the NEIGHhem series is very similar to what I have right now. My opinion for the multi-day event in that series is that itself should also be a series of events, but I totally understand why you put it as an event (I mean, I did the same for all the other events I created that are in the OP). The Ponystock series is not that relevant since it looks like it’s actually a single day event that ends slightly after midnight.

P.S. I never knew that there would be such interestingly named events, learning new things everyday!

I believe we are of the same opinion then!