Change label into series

I have been editing the Nova Series: Nova Series - MusicBrainz

This was a cross-label series which had releases on both Decca and Deram.

I was under the impression that it was possible to change a label entity into a series entity and vice versa, but I cannot see how to do this. Is this possible? Otherwise I assume I would just merge it into Deram proper and add the series itself.

I haven’t heard of this feature sorry :frowning:

Luckily only a couple of entries in there so far!

Indeed, we don’t have that feature.

I approved a few edits to speed things up. Edit #97270095 is pretty much pointless if both entities are to be removed anyway.

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Thanks - I originally made that edit under the impression that it was possible. Otherwise I would just have merged it with Deram (as most of the titles appeared on that label not Decca even though it was shared by both labels)

So, adding this series, it’s not clear to me if it should be a release or release-group series.

Most of the reissues end up with the series printed on their cover art, but not all, e.g. some titles licensed from Decca by third-party labels.

For example:

I could set release-group but it might not be accurate in this context.

Probably a release series fits better then. Good to think about it now, as changing series type later on would be another pain…

I try not to use release series unless it’s clear that it applies to a subset of most release groups. for example:

versus, say:

What does that mean in practice? Where do you draw the line, e.g. if there’s one release not in the series would that to your mind disqualify it from a release group series?

honestly, I’m still figuring that out myself, lol

for the Janis Joplin releases, it is pretty clear that it’s a subset of releases, as some reissues of her classic albums have an added logo on the packaging (technically the tray, but in the part of the tray that’s visible through the clear CD case)

another example would be the iTunes Single of the Week, where the track got a banner over the album art. since not all releases of Pompeii were part of the series, it’s a release series

I’m still not sure where to draw the line between the clear examples above and things like various artist compilation series (think Now That’s What I Call Music), which are pretty clearly a release group series.

I guess I try to use release group series since they’re more visible, being on all release pages in the groups

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Seems that most of the reissues don’t have the series banner, so best to use a release series.