Capitalization of longish (> 3 letters) English prepositions


I honestly still think that “with” should be lowercase as it is a preposition like the other two and three letter words (it just has the misfortune of having four letters so for some reason that makes people argue about that sentence in the english capitalisation style :​/)

same with “from” imho

Disparity between "Guess case" and style guideline

Prepositions and articles should be lowercase in titles except when they’re the first word or they’re an integral part of a common word phrase. (Naturally none come to mind right now but in the latter case you can usually tell because it seems weird not to capitalize it because you’d never say the words separately.) I also think they should be capitalized when they’re the last word of the title.

One place I always capitalize articles is in band names of the form “Joe Dude and The Other Guys.” Using “Joe Dude and the Other Guys” seems wrong to me.