(Capitalising) Songs from Zazie

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Hi @ulugabi,

I completely agree for writing La dolce vita as Style/Language/Italian.

But for Homme Sweet Homme, as it’s a pun on English Home Sweet Home, I think it’s logical to use Style/Language/English instead of Style/Language/French.
After all, the syntax of the title remains English, doesn’t it?

Same for Mobile Homme and Aïe Love You. :slight_smile:


Personally I think title should follow the main language of the song so if we look at the lyrics:

  • "Mon homme sweet homme Il faudrait faire…)
  • “S’enroule avec mon mobile homme…”
    They are song in a french with french words, only sweet is english but that s the only english word used.

Regarding “Aïe love you” it is english but in a middle of french lyrics and this expression “love you” could be seen as international now in a similar way than latin Title capitalizations for latin expressions in english

So i will tend to keep french capitalization for all three