Title capitalizations for latin expressions in english


Having this discussion regarding a recent edit https://musicbrainz.org/edit/75578534

The recording/track is “modus operandi” and should it be written as:

  • Modus operandi following latin guidelines
  • Modus Operandi following english guidelines

The point is that those expressions are part of english dictionaries

Thanks for your help


Because modus operandi is an established phrase in English and there is nothing to suggest Photek intended it to be seen as Latin (like when all or lots of other tracks on the release have purely Latin titles), I would keep the English capitalisation for that title.


Thanks for creating this thread @ulugabi. I think that @mfmeulenbelt has nicely summarised why Modus Operandi is the more appropriate way to capitalise the title. Do you still have any doubts about how to capitalise the recording title or can we revert edit #75578534?


and automatically applied on Medium and Recording https://musicbrainz.org/release/fc382f94-b2d8-4a63-9c37-f0ca1592b6f0/edits

  • annotation to avoid someone else changing it in future
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Don’t forget the edit notes.
And maybe the annotation would (also) be useful on recording itself.

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