Cantata 700 releases with limited information

Is there a way that the limited information we have about Cantata 700 recordings could be added to Musicbrainz?

In particular I think it would be nice to have the four releases there is video proof of and perhaps the other two mentioned as well.

2:22 - 3M orchestra
3:55 - two originally, showing:
	Variety Library             V-168  Pink
	Rhythmic Library            165    Yellow
	Melodic Library             165    Cyan
15:17 - American Country       A-169  Brown/Tan
15:55 - Christmas              RX266  Green

Not sure if that is really your question, but you can add a new release without a tracklist if you don’t know it (so only giving title, artist and maybe label and a few other fields)

When you enter the tracklist (see e.g. you can remove the existing medium (red cross, “Remove disc”) and select “The tracklist for this release is currently unknown”

That’s what I did for example for since I know the release exists but I couldn’t find any precise info about the tracklist

Hope this helps

Thank you, I was not aware this was possible.

Many releases have now been added,

If anyone is happening upon this thread while searching for the Cantata 700, I have started a separate thread for researching information about the music for it and its successor[s].