3M Cantata Music Research Thread (Cantata 700, Cantata Mark II)

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Thread for organising the addition of music released for 3M Cantata music systems.

Since all Cantata 700 cartridges I have seen are labelled 3M Brand, I made this a label, and added all of the releases to it:


Useful Resources:

ValueYourMusic 3M Cantata search - although some of the sellers have seemingly intentionally washed-out pictures, and I suspect may be fake.

Searching on YouTube has given me video evidence certain cartridges, such as IM-470 and A-169.

According to TechMoan’s video, ebay may have some cartridges for sale, but there is nothing especially useful there at the moment.

Cantata 700 releases with limited information

If anyone has any proof of there being a “3M Orchestra” and which releases it was involved in, it would be very helpful to have this and be able to give the releases a proper Artist; as it is I only have TechMoan’s mention to go off of, which is why I left the releases as [unknown] instead.


Proof of existence: http://emsorch.org/about/history/3m-symphony-years
Proof of connection to Cantata 700 / MKII: Unknown


The Billboard Article on the MKII (http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Billboard/60s/1969/Billboard%201969-07-05.pdf) mentions “Phil Green in london” I beleve this to be Harry Philip Green (19 July 1911 – 6 October 1982) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Green_(composer)

Because, if you look at http://robertfarnonsociety.org.uk/index.php/legends/philip-green it mentions that “All this work for the cinema was being achieved at the same time as he was making the occasional commercial recordings, and also composing numerous pieces of mood music for major London publishers including Chappell & Co., Francis Day & Hunter, Paxton and EMI’s Photoplay Music, where he ultimately became the only contributor to the catalogue.”

So, he most likely contributed especially after 1969, but the earlier tapes could have been the 3M Orchestra… Hard to tell at this point…