Cannot edit track durations because of Disc IDs

When trying to edit the track durations on this release:

I can’t edit the tracks because of this note:
“This medium has one or more discids which prevent this information from being changed.”
The durations are wrong, so I guess the disc IDs are wrong?

It looks like the info based on the disc ID has the two parts of the whole suite in just two track indices but the track listing does not follow this.

But when I follow the disc ID I get this, showing the separate parts of the suite:

So where do the two track durations of 17 and 19 minutes come from and how do we change that?


Oh, I found this link “set track durations” on the disc IDs page. Still can’t find where the 17/19 minutes came from but it looks alright now. :slight_smile:


If you changed track lengths somehow for a release that had a DISC ID attached you should probably get rid of that ID as a consequence. The DISC ID is a summary of the disc contents, including track lengths and should be treated with high confidence.

Do you have reason to believe that the original submission of the DISC ID was erroneous? Maybe you’re working from a different release?

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After I got the durations from the disc ID (which had the expected number of tracks and durations, not just two tracks and durations) it looked alright, so the 17 and 19 minute durations were incorrect and didn’t come from that disc ID. But it looks alright now, without changing the disc ID. So I believe the disc ID is correct and should not be changed.

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