Help with recording on Nektar’s Live in New York

Somewhat unrelated: Since you seem to be well familiar with the group, maybe you could help clean up some recordings I couldn’t find with this release?

I was planning on checking all albums in chronologicl order.

Live In New York and More Live In New York are difficult ones. I’ll add an event for that, add recordings, and link many releases to.

Well, there are more difficulties. A Tab In The Ocean has inconsistent titles on the artwork, and four songs that were played in pairs all the time, but sometimes listed separately and sometimes listed together.

Then Remember The Future too. The confusion is with subtitles that are inconsistent (in naming and in order!) and the band playing part 2 in two parts.

Then Recycled, same thing, although a lot of work on that one has been done.

And then a lot of live recordings…

Nektar is going to keep me busy for a while.

But I can do Live In New York first, no problem.

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That’s kind of you but please don’t change your plans on my behalf. It’s great if you do it eventually.

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That’s OK. But it appears I’d better do the work in chronological order so works will have been created for the studio releases before I start adding live versions.