Can i leave artist info here for others to enter correctly

somebody please do this for me too confusing

goes with this artist
not this artist


thanks, seems obvious after i see what u did

allmusic link is wrong artist, home page is for a pool, didnt check rest

do u add this info >> Grandson Jimmie Dale Court

Done :wink:

Mediums without track lists is back in beta, so I updated this.

if u dig down on the Various aritst albums the this on discogs artist do not match the other 2 from this artists

Untangling those VA artists is always fun!

I moved the first one (Pittsburgh rock band), but the Jungle release seems like it fits the same date range, and I can’t find the tracks to listen to/compare anywhere. Someone else have a go :slight_smile:

thanks, fun was not what i was thinking, it was beyond me
release info was added to Second Front artist i added, guessing its not the same artist but dont have enuf info to prove either way, all i can find on my artist is the shows i added to setlist from 1987, guessing my artist is from texas, the recent added release info the comment makes me think his artist is from canada and hip hop and release is 2003 but again cant find any add info, by the venues of the shows in setlist i would guess the band is not hip hop, is it the same band prob not, how do clear this up, make changes, add new artist for his release or leave even tho prob incorrect artist, thanks

has 2 Discogs 1 is Kaos (10) other is Kaos (16) discogs Chopper (14) listed as release for discogs Chopper (5)
also obvious cus release (14) 1988 b4 (5) formed 1994

Hi Scott,

Could you please include the page number in these references? Makes it much easier to look them them up. :cowboy_hat_face:

hi, i could, but u prob cant look them up in Buddy im reading hard copy print, if they were available online i would include a link, only a few pages from a few mags online, monthly hard copy print mag is usually about 20 pages long and lots of ads, nothing is hard to find most Artists names r usually in BOLD
also the specific question u replied to, i had about backing member relationship i have figured out, thanks