Can i leave artist info here for others to enter correctly

i have been adding artist info as i find it, when i can but freq i have trouble entering it correctly
and after multi errors i just give up and dont enter it, when this happens i would be happy to leave it for others to enter, where and how can i do that
i have been reading hard print music magazine Buddy 1974-1987 so far
i live3 in dallas tx, Buddy is /was local to dallas and Texas, so the info ive been finding r mostly local dallas bands, and of course the info u dont have here r from litlle or unknown bands to rest of the world, but this mag has info that is not available online, names of band members, who they played with and which new band they move to, years, etc, but when musicbrainz does not already have these peoples names in it i get stuck and adding new artists with no info avail online , i get confused on how to put info in here, get frustrated and give up, and sometimes do get it entered but u guys still have to correct it to standards
i am enjoying reading these old music mags, but unfortunately the info i couldnt enter from years listed above already read, i dont expect to go back and read again,
my info is good, legit, but without online links cant prove, i can give u the issue month and year with unlisted info, do u want it


Yes, very good, tell this in the edit notes.
So we later know that info did not came from nowhere.

The only problem you could have is, if you add artists with no relationships and no releases, they will be automatically removed.


Good stuff putting in that kind of info! Very cool! I am more than happy to help, but maybe you would want a hand entering it instead?

If you post the next group + info that you would like to add I can post some little animations of how to add it all :ok_hand:


correct i have and musicbrainz has, so i give up and the info is deleted

my main prob is no online link avail, musicbrainz is difficult and confusing to novice without, i have had someone explain how to add artist with just providing a show “event” which i do have always (cus my reason this site is new artists to add to setlistfm where i detail) , but just learned to do that this year, so didnt enter 100s of other local texas bands not at this site, and i still dont do it that way, cus to me it not any detail about artist

i recently added road hogs
tried to do relationship cus jim suhler exists here already, but think it had to be corrected , plus i had more info i gave up on cus it was to difficult for me to enter and accept, here is info i did not enter for road hogs, founded in 1986 or 1987 cus im not sure, band members Jim Suhler guitar, Randy Ellis drums, Mick Ellis bass, Bill “Memo” Gonzalez harp/harmonica previously in the another dallas area? band called Weebads alias Wee Bads


All good! A ‘[musician] is part of [band]’ relationship will stop band and artist from being removed, and it sounds like you usually have that info! Otherwise an event they played is great.

Here is me adding another band member, hope it’s not too fast:

  • Obviously it’s great to fill out as many fields as you can (gender, years in band etc) but if you do the basics that I did both band and artist will not be removed

  • It would be great if you could add issue month and year (and even page!) in your edit notes, instead of what I did. A music magazine is a great source!

  • Have you thought about adding these artists to a collection? Then you can check out all the Dallas Texas bands you’ve added, satisfying, and easier to revisit/edit later. Just click on ‘Add to a new collection’ at the very bottom right of any artist/person.

Does that help? Let me know!


looked easy when u did it, ive tried multi times and never successful? and u can add any new name never heard of? i see memo gonzalez already exists here, reference later band, how would u tie him in road hogs, Memo Gonzales & The Bluescasters , and to his former band not listed (without online link) Weebads

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messed up mick ellis, and cant change, seems similar to what ive done in past , then gets deleted
and i spent 10 mins entering it incorrectly,

ok i deleted it , guess i try again

ok got 4 members added, relationship between so no delete auto in 5 days

kinda thought when i added memo and artist already existed, an auto add of road hogs would be generated, so i will do that now , that worked , its making more sense

tried to edit in date range for mick ellis , did something wrong i guess its orange

this easy edit for this just band members wore me out, and i have so many complex ones to add
i have one i dont even want to try, an old 60s dallas band listed here, regrouped, played several years, then band members split into 3 groups, but band name continued with new members, multi from here to there members, none of the bands exist here, no online info, on any

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The orange means that there is a pending edit in the voting queue for the entity. You can find out by clicking the “Open edits” or “Edit history” links.

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It will get easier! The Memo Gonzalez relationship looks great!! Lots of info :slight_smile:


And this is also very good, you don’t need online info:


Don’t stress about complicated relationships… just add the bands and the members. The relationships will keep them around.

Dates of when people played etc is awesome but just start with the basics if it’s easier.

You can always put any extra information that you don’t have time to add or don’t know how to add into the annotation as text. ‘this band split and reformed into X groups but continued under the same name with X new members’ is good info in the annotation. Then maybe later you, or someone else, will be able to add it into the relationships.

Keep us updated on how it goes!! Want to do the basics for that 60s band and then link us?


Does this help?

hi, how do i talk directly as opposed to forum in case this saga lasts long time, i think ive got fairly clear understanding on relationships now, no promises prob still make some mistakes, thanks
trying to add a 45 release for road hogs, im using add release, i put title in as a side and it copied to release group gonna leave it but dont know what it is? added new record label pretty sure is in Dallas,
format didnt come up specific for a vinyl 45 so i added 2 songs as tracklist, please let me know if/whats incorrect, thanks

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I think if you go to you should be able to email me from there?

Road Hogs release looks great! You could fill out more of the blank fields but everything you’ve put in looks good. Let us know if any of the fields are confusing (packaging or anything like that). Track numbers could be A, B instead of 1, 2 if you like :slight_smile:

Release group is for grouping different versions of the same album. For instance if this 45 got reissued later or someone released a digital version you would add it into the group you’ve just made. Then people can look at them all together in a lil family. What you’ve done (just use the same name as the release) is correct.

Another optional thing you could start doing when adding artists is put in a bit of a disambiguation when you create them.

Like ‘Dallas rock group’ or ‘80’s Dallas group’ or whatever you think is most helpful/you have.

The reason is that artists with no releases (even though they have relationships) are very easy to incorrectly merge with another group of the same name, or to use on the wrong releases, which would be a shame.

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i am adding as much as i have at time of entry, but only if i know it correct no guessing can update later if more, i am reading articles, most of these bands r from dallas metroplex, and when they r newly formed they usually say something like ‘band a’ based in fort worth just formed from x, y, z from there previous ‘band b’ and w previously from band c, but that is a past article which i dont have in front of me and my mem is not good enuf, i rarely use disambiguation unless there is multi bands with same name but u say always? i do always put area as detailed as possible texas if not positive its dallas or specific city and formed only when specificallty mentions, i see many use area as a touring area? us or other country im treating it as home base? is that wrong, i might say area dallas but band plays all of texas but mostly dallas

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i tried A side b side first it didnt accept

i wish i would have understood this when i first started entering, when i could not find online info to use as link, i thot i could not enter, cus i have the history of so many bands not in this db, but it would not be as fun going back to reread them, and just in the current issue there is 30+ bands not listed here, most r only shows dates listed bands and venue with no info about who or where from, so that stuff would be like u explained ‘is this the same band’ i dont enter shows on setlist when im not sure an artist i find is the correct one, just if does band is from texas, or this site has only a cd release from 2000s and no formed or existed timeframe and my listing is from 70s or 80s, is it the band i want, later freq i get an article that tells me more about a band then i know for sure, but i dont go back to re enter those i skipped b4 then

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if i enter every artist not listed in this db i will be spending all my time here, many without good info, i think i will only enter the ones with some detail, when i know a city based in and band members stuff, there r some bands i see listed all the time at local venues but they never detail them, would guess there r from dallas but

Some people say not to, but I definitely would always do it! I add a lot of niche bands as well. You are protecting your work. When someone is entering a compilation CD with 100 tracks they’re not going to click into every artist to check their location and see if they have to make a new artist instead - but they will see the disambiguation straight away. If your artists are very niche then it’s likely they should be making a new artist instead of picking yours! You don’t have to disambiguate though.

Some people say only to put country for area… I like to use a more specific area/state/town they are associated with. You just have to use your judgement and preference. If others don’t like it they can comment or change it.

Weird! This is how I would do it:

Hmm, as long as there’s a relationship (e.g. an event) you can add them… but yeah it is tricky. I sometimes just make a new group and disambiguate with something like ‘Dallas group?’, with the question mark… and then keep an eye on it, as someone may know/add more later. But also okay to just not enter them.

Preach :wink:

But seriously thanks for adding these. Some people think listing smaller bands is a waste of time but that kind of local history is the most important I think!! The fact that you can’t find any links online for these guys means that what you’re putting into Musicbrainz may eventually be the only information that exists on these groups.