Can i leave artist info here for others to enter correctly

You should be getting a daily or so email that says “edits to your subscriptions” that will tell you about all edits to entities you’re subscribed to.

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I can understand the frustration with @Senax removing some of your edits, but name calling isn’t constructive. It may be that the source of the information wasn’t clear; a lot of your edits don’t have edit notes. I see you reentered at least one of the edits with a question about why it was removed, but unless you comment on the removal edit, the editor won’t see it.

On the other hand, he’s taken your guidance and entered merges in some places where you said they were the same artist:

Added: a glance through Senax’s removal edits looks like a lot of them were to, for example, YouTube search pages, or in some cases a link for an individual to a group page or vice versa. So in those cases the removal was correct, but the edit notes should have been better.


i got them later in the evening after i noticed a few, thanks
i thought it was weird no notice

i am a novice here, some early entries i was looking for anything online which was the only way i knew how to add, so if i found ref to artist name i made it a link, i understand now that they dont follow this db standards, but when everything gets removed so does the artist, and the info, my hope was the check up people would enter the info correctly that i do wrong, more info is better i think, i am learning and getting better with entries

Nobody is required to fix something that’s wrong (and folks like Senax spend a LOT of time doing clean up, so asking them to add to the workload is a bad idea), but I think the system could be improved when the only relationship an artist has is being removed. Preventing an auto-edit would delay the deletion a little while so it could be corrected.

I made a ticket:


source Buddy magazine Aug 87 Vol.15 #2 - debut solo album vinyl 1987 “Need Somebody to Love” label Heads Up Records (pretty sure thats a dallas,tx label)
tried to add it got but stuck on tracks, i dont know is my answer but couldnt figure out how to
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You mean you don’t know the tracklist? Tick the little box here :slight_smile:

i thought i tried that, so i gave up frustrated, i dont like this part, feel free to add it

That’s for format, not track list. Looks like the medium without track list update is in the works:

Meanwhile, you can remove the medium altogether, like this:

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thanks for the add, ive seen other releases with no tracks, it would not let me click i dont know, i got caught in a loop did something wrong, would not let me finish highlighting tracks tab,

i have some entries i think should be merged , i dont know how to or even notify u, so i built a bad entry that u need to change
i think these 2 artists r prob the same… and…
please merge

not the same dont merge

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To merge you need to go to each artist page and click merge in the right hand menu. Once you’ve done that, you will get a merge screen with both artists listed. Just put your reason for thinking they’re the same in the edit note.

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the 2 Tales from the edge releases need to be removed from this artist
and added to the correct artist

You can add releases with no media easily enough already. To do so in the release editor, since it first opens with a medium already added, you first need to remove the medium by selecting the red X “remove disc” button. Then you can check the new option that appears “The tracklist for this release is currently unknown.”

The MBS-8725 ticket is for adding actual media to the release (with a format, title, etc.) that have zero tracks on them.

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ok thanks i walked thru that, just didnt know the secret

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Yes, as the title says it’s intended for mediums with unknown tracks, as in cases like this we often know what the medium is, just not the track list. I thought it had been implemented, but looks like there was a bug and it was withdrawn for now.

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I did volumes 5 & 6 if you can do the other one!

Click here for the complete (but still quick) walkthrough of how to do it.

ok thanks, even with step by step it was still confusing, do the releases auto list on correct artist later, or do we need to add somehow

If you followed the steps you don’t have to do anything else - it will move to the correct artist once your edits pass :slight_smile:

hi, when i find an artist (band), and it says “New Band” formerly “Old Band” but i have no other info on members, what should be relationship opt, 2 opts seem likely to me, New Band founded by Old Band, or Subgroup which sounds like 2 of the 4 members from Old Band, or neither opt, thanks

Unless they are drastically different bands or musical styles, you can enter them as New Band with an alias of Old Band, and if you know when the name changed you can put an end date on the alias.