Bring me a green tagger button!

Is there an easier way to get the green tagger button on a MB release page other than copying “?tport=8000” to the tail of the URL in the browser? I suppose I could remember to type “?tport=8000” but I always have to look it up and select it from another page and copy and then paste it back onto the page with the missing tagger button. Exhausting.


Click on “Lookup” in Picard?

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That works. That’s presuming you have something to lookup in Picard tho.

“Lookup in Browser”, that is.

Well, that is what you want the tagger button for, isn’t it?

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When I open Picard the first thing I usually do is go to Tools > Open My Collections in Browser. The green tagger button should work from then on.


What have I been missing out on by not having a Green Tagger Button in the browser when I have nothing to lookup in Picard?

Is the absence of the Green Tagger Button why editing isn’t always quick and easy for me? Maybe we could create additional confusion for new users by awarding Experienced Editors The Green Tagger Button?

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Just start with a web look-up for any track or album loaded in the right pane of Picard, and the tagger button should be there.
If you don’t have any track or album in the right pane, just do a web look-up for any track or cluster in the left pane. Select one of the search results on the website, and the tagger button should be there again.
If you don’t have any file that you could load into Picard to look up, you can still get there using the search bar in Picard.
And if you don’t have Picard installed on your computer, rethink your question…

Starting from the webpage with tagger button that you just opened for a random item, navigate to the track/album you want to load into Picard, using the search field in the top right corner. The tagger button should still be there.

This only works for a limited amount of time though. If you haven’t done any web look-ups from within Picard and you haven’t clicked any tagger buttons in your browser for about 30 minutes, the website will “forget” the connection to your locally installed copy of Picard and the tagger button will no longer be there on new pages loaded in your browser (30 minutes is just an estimation, I have no idea about the exact amount of time it takes as I haven’t really timed it…).
Luckily, it’s very easy to resolve this: just do a web look-up for any item in Picard again, using one of the methods described above. This will open a new window/tab in your browser, where the tagger button is visible again. Now refresh the webpage where the tagger button is missing, and it will magically reappear :slight_smile:

And if all of this doesn’t work, I suspect you have an add-on or setting in your browser which interferes with the website.