Bellowed reed instrument

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The instrument bellowed reed links to a Wikidata page which calls it a squeezebox in English and a Handzuginstrument in German, general terms for accordion-like instruments. But there is also an instrument called the regal, which according to its disambiguation comment is also a bellowed reed instrument, but nothing like an accordion (it’s portable, but not portable and playable at the same time like an accordion is). The regal also isn’t a child instrument of bellowed reed.

So I guess my question is: shouldn’t the instrument bellowed reed be called squeezebox? Or is the Wikidata link wrong?


The person \ being \ animal you need is @CatQuest as they are the official Instrument Inserter of MusicBrainz. If we call their name then a response will appear…


I believe you may create a ticket yourself in Metabrainz JIRA.

Example ticket for adding an instrument: Adding claviorgan.

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Since this is a question about an instrument rather than a request, I’ll give this thread a little kick. Maybe @CatQuest just missed this thread the first time.

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I think @CatQuest is like Beetlejuice - you have to say his name three times before he appears.


ok, I’ll admit, that made me chuckle.
I did see it last time, but the thing is I don’t really know what to respond here - is there something specific that is wanted?
I picked the term “bellowed reed” as I thought it was a tad more descriptive than “squeezebox”. This “instrument” is at a higher “conceptional level” than say, “piano accordion” or “German concertina” - something akin to “membranophone” ;‌‌)
As for the Regal, I’ve done a little change to it - but remember that some instruments are still not yet updated from the time they were moved to entities from the static tree they used to be.

This is still a work in progress - I have for example not long until I will release gamelan mini-version. But this of course means that other parts go untended, Noone more than me wishes I had 30 hours a day to do more work with 😸
And all the while people keep adding more instrument requests which also need to be dealt with. Eventually. When I have time. 😢

However once there *are`* tickets, it’s documented, and I can eventually get to them, that’s why like alex_s7 says, creating tickets is the best way to get any change done to instruments :​)


If you just confirm that “bellowed reed” is supposed to be the same thing as a squeezebox, I can go on and translate accordingly. But if you intend to make bellowed reed a parent instrument of all reed instruments with a bellows attached somewhere, squeezeboxy or not, then I have to translate it differently.

I’m not asking for any changes, hence no tickets.

Let’s put a notice up somewhere asking musicians to stop making new instruments. After all, how many different things do people need to produce the same limited number of sounds anyway?

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ah, so it was for translation you need it, now I see the reason for this!
sorry for not understanding that!
Alright. While I think I *do* need to research the regal a little bit more, I can say that “bellowed reed” is not supposed to be absolutely anything with bellows and reeds - what includes reed organs, but Instead the sort that is carried around (so accordions, concertinas, bandoneons and the like)
From what I understood of Regal, it is a predecessor, to bellowed reed instruments and reed organs both.

Heh, they’ll find new ways of doing anything ;)


The invention of this

Should really have put a stop to all this ‘instruments’ nonsense years ago :rage:
I remember mine even did helicopter sounds, and helicopter isn’t even an instrument! Discussion over.

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I would love to see a “Helicopter played by…” credit, though :smiley: