BC dates issue

So I wanted to add Discogs link for Sophocles but got stuck on his BC dates:

Relevat ticket MBS-486 suggests there’s no way to work around this issue right now?


There is not. I have code to support it, but not ready yet, so we just need to wait :slight_smile:


You can omit the leading zero (unless that option has been removed?). Dates before 999 BC are still impossible that way, of course.

See also Amphitheatre of Pompeii started 70BC - how do I enter the start date?

I actually did try that prior to looking at the bug tracker and posting here. Altough that trick only clears the red warnings from the form and enables the enter edit button. The server still won’t like it and returns a pageful of errors.

You can add the URL to a different artist, and then “edit” the URL to modify the artist-URL relationship.

As I did here:


This topic is not about URL relationships… ?

Somewhat unrelated, but I’d say to not add “approximate” dates. According to Wikipedia (AFAICT), it is not known exactly what year they were born, and not sure whether they died in 405 BCE or 406 BCE. There is a ticket for adding support for date approximation, but I think that is even further out than just BCE support. :slight_smile:

No, but I did ask about workarounds. That URL edit is kind of a hack but it appears to be the only way, until then.

I guess BC is before christ?
But then what is BCE?
And AD is… after what?!

Oh wow, it seems rather complex in English:

And LOL:

It is widely accepted that the actual birth of Jesus occurred at least two years before AD 1

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Surely we can be allowed an “off by one” error on a 2500 year old date… :grin:


Especially as the exact birth / death dates for these old dates are often vague. That the exact date is not 100% sure is rather the norm, not the exception. There are so many different calendar systems involved over time and the people who wrote down the dates usually had their information not from first hand.