Autoeditor election: HibiscusKazeneko

Well since everyone’s doing it…

I would like to nominate HibiscusKazeneko for AutoEditor

She’s a diligent editor who strives to do everything by the guidelines and if there is something that the guidelines are unclear about she is quick to bring up discussion to clarify it.
She’s fairly active in several different subsections, editing both japanese, glamrock and other types of music.

She was initially nominated in '15 but was cancelled as there where concerns about her paranoia and while that’s a valid concern, I think after nearly 4 years of no weird or bad editing on her part it’s worth giving her a chance, as I said in the call for nominations: I think she has what it takes, the “editor-mettle” as it where for AE status."


Agreed - I feel she has gotten more confident with time and I’ve rarely seen her make mistakes, so I’m seconding this :slight_smile:


I kinda assumed she already was an AE.


Wow, I never thought this day would come!
Thank you to everyone who voted for me.