Call for nominating new autoeditors (AE)

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I haven’t been very active recently (although I still plan to set up a fresh dev vm at some point); I have over 100 CDs I have yet to rip/enter/tag, but time has become scarce (and Spotify has admittedly made it very easy not to rip CDs). So as far as finding/proposing candidates goes, I’m not of much help.

But I do try to keep up with the forum digests, throwing in my €0.02 here and there. And I tend to vote in every AE election (even doing at least some due diligence).


Long and short of it. @jesus2099 has been extremely helpful in many ways to me and dozens of others since I started. He should definitely be submitted!:smiley: @TheBookkeeper is diligent and knowledgeable.


I was thinking about @TheBookkeeper and @jesus2099 too, but also to @HibiscusKazeneko, @Cryoclaste, @wonder_al, those are all old users, with a lot of good edits, few no votes, commenting their edits, and being respectful to others users, afaik.


Yes, @jesus2099 has been really helpful. Jesus2099 and I overlap in our interests in East Asian pop music (esp Teresa Teng), and has given constructive comments on my edits. I have never felt the “stubborness” that previous nomination discussions have alluded to. Most of the comments seemed to refer to the decision not to use the mailing list, which is not relevant anymore. So I’m happy to see Jesus2099 nominated.


@jesus2099 I have to say that those two ten year old discussions you posted are comical. They don’t describe the person I have met on this forum. The Style comments are especially funny as you are hot on that now and taught me plenty on an area I am still rusty on.


Thank you for my nomination!
It’s always a honour that someone you consider nominates or seconds your nomination
Big thanks to @Zas @outsidecontext and also special thanks to @CatQuest who I also considered pretty similar to me.
I wanted that previous detractor who is still active would be contacted prior to my nomination, as @Freso said. But no problem, eventually.

Just in case I am not turned into automod, this time eiter, I am already a happy normal editor.


I also have to suggest @wonder_al They are doing a lot of work moving wrongly credited instruments to their rightful places. Something which is a a pretty thankless and exhausting job (something I know about as I did half of the obvious Viola de Gamba myself)
Also @HibiscusKazeneko, I agree does a lot of useful work, and in general has the “editor-mettle” for AE status. There were concerns that her ehm. severe paranoia might become an issue with AE status, and that’s a valid concern, but I also think that it’s worth giving her a chance, I have in all this time not seen any extreme power-mongering or AE favouritism or anything of the sort from her at all.
I’d like to remind people that I myself was a questionable AE nomination with quite a few repeatedly being against my nomination and voting against me and such. I would like to think that I have proved that their concerns were unfounded after all this time :​D


I would like to nominate @MrAndrewPalace. He is a very prolific editor from Colombia who has been doing much needed cleanup and enhancements to mostly tropical artists (salsa, reggaeton, merengue, bachata, etc) but also Latin American rock artists. He is fluent in both in English and Spanish and is very receptive to feedback, taking into account the style guidelines and modifying his edits based on what others point out. He is also not shy and politely points out when he sees an edit that does not look right to him. He’s been an editor for over 18 months and I think he would make a good autoeditor.


Thanks for my nomination @Wheeljack.
Even if I am not turned into automod… I’ll continue editing as I’ve been doing since I logon on musicbrainz site. improving the artists I know about and uploading info from the genres I like to listen to.
I also thanks to @paulakreuzer for being voting my edits, she makes a great job.
Editing on MB has turned into a good activity to explore my latin music knowledge. :sunglasses:


Go for it. :slight_smile: In case you’ve missed it, current autoeditor election procedure is described in a blog post:


Alright, I just nominated him following the current procedure. Nominating post is here, waiting for somebody to second it :slight_smile:


(Posting this here since for some reason I can’t post in the autoeditors subforum)

I’m not active like I used to be, but I’ve been seeing Jesus2099 loyally and usefully contributing to MB for maybe a decade, so I definitely support is nomination.


Thank you too, @mll.

You are missing in that MB_Autoeditors group.
@Freso or @reosarevok maybe you could add him?


@jesus2099 you are well due, my friend.


i would second @HibiscusKazeneko’s nomination in a heartbeat. her time is well due.


Done, I think! :slight_smile: Let me know if it didn’t work.


well ok, here’s your chance :​D


Thank you very much for the trust that all those involved in the election have placed in me!

I am glad to belong to the circle of auto-editors now, because it is a confirmation of the work done and motivation for future work.

Greetings to all


AutoEditor Election: TheBookkeeper

Congratulations to the - so far - 3 new autoeditors.

There are 2 more names I’d like to just mention: @tigerman325 and @a23bed are doing great work as far as I can see.

How to deal with editors ignoring requests to stop damaging the database

Just wanted thank ALL of you for my election to AE, especially my nominator @drsaunde and seconders @outsidecontext, @paulakreuzer.

I will do my utmost to keep the highest standards expected of me.

I am humbled that you placed your trust in me.

It is a great honour to be amongst you.