Album title question

This artist/label:

Some album titles formatted like XXX (YYY), some - like XXX - YYY.

Should i format all of them in the same style and which one will be correct in this case? May be XXX: YYY?

Also - is it ok to add the missing (YYY) part from the label site to titles, which miss it?

The cover artwork for this library rarely if at all shows any punctuation between title and subtitle. I’ve also found at least one release where the larger title (in the artwork) is treated as a subtitle on the Cézame Music website.

If there’s no punctuation between title and subtitle, MB Docs: Styles / Titles - Subtitles says they should be separated by a colon as you suggested. I’m not sure if artwork or the information given on the label website should take precedence here, so reformatting all these titles on that hunch alone might be too quick.

This library seems to be download-only, which makes things a little harder. If there were physical releases, seeing what’s printed on the spine would be interesting: how did the label format title and subtitle there?


Thanks for the opinion. I used this site as an info source for albums and there they formatted through hyphen.

And here the label with similar problem.

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I see no real issue formatting these as though they’re subtitles, but I don’t know that I’ve got much of an opinion either way, to be fair… standardizing is good (and fun), but over-standardizing can have its issues


I wanted to reply for the past couple of days but didn’t manage to. :frowning: I realize that you’ve already gone through all the releases by Cézame Music, and I think that’s a good thing - so I’ll focus on saying why I think that.

I was still not clear on whether store information or cover artwork should be followed for digital releases, and I stumbled over what @aerozol wrote in another thread in September 2022, specifically about digital releases of which I don’t know if it has since been clarified into a style guideline:

One thing to note with digital releases, which that cover you’ve used as an example looks like, is that there’s no agreement that we should mess with the store-given title/change it to fit with the cover.

As an argument in support of your edits: the formatting of release titles on the Cézame Music website and on Spotify is often contradictory. The format “Title (Subtitle)” is shown on Spotify and “Title - Subtitle” on the agency’s website. So regardless of how the release titles are formatted on the Cézame website, the formatting doesn’t seem to be all that important to them as they roll out their releases to streaming platforms (and yes, there is the one or other Cézame release on Spotify that has its title formatted as “Title - Subtitle”, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue in how Spotify or some distributor handles that title data).

Because of that inconsistency in titling, I think your choice to format titles and subtitles according to MB style is good.

Now to go through all these edits and vote for them… Soon™.

I realized I’d ignored the last question in the original post:

Also - is it ok to add the missing (YYY) part from the label site to titles, which miss it?

Definitely! It’s on the cover, it’s on the label website. They seem to have missed those couple of subtitles on the way to the streaming platforms.


interesting, I’d have expected it the other way, since Spotify is known for hyphening parentheses (at least for track titles)

either way, hearing that there’s not consistency between sources makes it sound more reasonable to standardize in this case


Thanks to you both. Yes, i have already queued formatting changes (not only from Cezame, but a few others too). Now i should set for myself a reminder to remember doing this titles check next time i will batch add another digital releases from some library. :grin: