Album cover vs. page text for digital releases

@Deleted_Editor_1807782 recently requested some votes for renaming an artist along with their artist credits; I voted yes on the first and no on the second, and @jesus2099 offered a bit more information on common practice for that. @Deleted_Editor_1807782 did point out, though, that the new name (“KARD” rather than “K.A.R.D”) is the one used on the older covers, despite the page itself using the variant with periods – see, for example, this release, though it’s technically part of the title there. I know that, for a physical release, we’d consider the cover to be authoritative over the potentially-miscopied catalogue pages, but is it different for digital releases where the title/artist on the page is as much of the “packaging” as the art?

If not, then from a quick scan, all the releases on MB do seem to use “KARD” on the covers, but if so than I’ll need to go back to some of the releases I’ve added recently where the Google store only included the first artist in the list of credits.

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If they called themselves K.A.R.D. pretty much everywhere except for the front graphic, it would seem to be more of a design/visual/logo decision to leave the dots out, as opposed to artist intent.
In which case I would leave them as K.A.R.D. until the time that all packaging/references have changed to KARD.

But if the group uses the two inconsistently, on covers and elsewhere, it might not be as easy as that (this recent release?)

Getting in touch with the band or their manager and asking what their name is, and what it was, might actually be the most feasible way of sorting it out. After all, it’s in their interest to be searchable online.


I’ve already provided enough links to show how they’ve literally changed their name in catalogue pages from K.A.R.D to KARD (on iTunes, Spotify and all korean digital retailers), official Facebook and YouTube account was always KARD, along with their logo, all recent activities have their name credit as KARD including music show appearances. The only place where there’s still “K.A.R.D” is the project name which appear on their single releases, but aren’t really part of the title.

I mean, what else can I tell you? lol If anything, their general name should be changed to KARD in MusicBrainz along with their latest release.

General name and latest release/appearances definitely; I voted “yes” on the former, and didn’t see an edit specifically for the latter or I would have supported that as well. The issue comes in that changing the artist credits from the artist’s page affects every place they’re used, and we like to have the information about releases reflect the release itself rather than changes the artist made later. With digital releases, it can unfortunately be a bit difficult to determine whether a change to the displayed artist actually reflects a change to the release or if it’s simply a change to the artist, and part of the question I’m asking here is whether that change is enough to warrant creating a new release.

One thing I like about using YouTube for music research is because artists there often stick their name in the video titles. Look at every video on their channel before Hola Hola; they still use K.A.R.D rather than dropping the periods. While those videos are only going to be standalone video recordings (or, if the editor feels generous, singles) rather than being able to be directly linked to the iTunes releases, it’s one bit of evidence that we have to consider what version of the name to use for them. If we change the old releases to KARD, it’s not going to be because they switched their name, it’s going to be because the covers are stylized without periods.


Well, I’m going to cancel the edits because it’s looking like a mess right now and check each case to see which stylization applies better. I forgot to mention that their singles were also released physically, maybe leave the physical ones according to how it’s printed on the cover and the digital ones with the new stylization since it was changed everywhere?

Please do, the only thing that’s really up for discussion is what to do with the earlier releases (if the group ‘officially’ dropped the dots only recently, I would leave everything earlier as-is)