Jennifer Lopez or J.Lo/JLO?

The Kiss logo isn’t a good comparison: the “SS” is stylized, but they’re still clearly S’s. If you don’t know who JLo is for whatever reason, there’s no way to figure out that it means “Jennifer Lopez” just by looking at the text. Crediting something that only ever shows “J.Lo” as “Jennifer Lopez” is no more helpful than crediting it in Arabic unless the text on the album is in Arabic itself. And this is one of the key points in the debate: “artist credit” means something slightly different on MusicBrainz than it does elsewhere – we may use stage names or discographies or store pages as secondary support for which artist entity to link (or for the Metallica black album), but for the display we almost always fall back on what’s shown in the artwork. That displayed name is what we mean when talking about artist credits. If we ignore the spine for the moment and pretend that we only have the front cover, that’s “J.Lo”. The fact that we do have the spine and that it’s different from the front is the issue, not what we’d do according to the latter.

There’s already been several threads talking about the difference or about other things related to the split: