Add manual album listens offline

I really want to use Listen Brainz, but i listen a lot of offline music. Normally stream from my NAS to my AVR, but in vinyl too. Until now i was using and, for keep this listen sessions i use either Discogs (which have this built-in feature) either this web:
I’ve noticed that the option to manually add tracks it is in the app, but i can’t add an album, which is annoying, especially when, like me, your habits are listen full albums.
is there a way? how can i fix this?

Thx you all in advance.


This is what you need:

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We also have this python command line script that submits whole album listens:

It works!!!
It works even with the Docker container of Picard i have installed on my NAS!!

Thx a lot

You have made very happy to a new user of Listenbrainz.


I’m curious, how i’m supposed to use this?
because i have no idea

anyways, thx you for the answer

I also couldn’t get this to work (non-techie person!)

Yay! It is so much better than Last.FM, there’s a bit of fiddling required to do things, but always worth it!

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It seems, anyways, better than, especially in what it comes to data analyse and show.
About fiddling, apart this, everything works great.
I have use a webhook to plex which is my main soft to listen music (NO spotify, Apple Music or Tidal) and everything works great, no need of side apps, i don’t know, i’m happy.
There are some albums missed, but i can submit it and i know what albums are thanks to Lidarr.

Well, the target audience of that script are geeks. In this case, you might need to wait for

to be implemented.

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Maybe if you try (and want, if not is fine ;0) to explain how it works it can be usefull to me ;0)

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Well, the script takes an MBID for a release, looks up the recordings for the release and then submits listens for each of the recordings with timestamps that are accurate as if you had listened to that album in sequence.

To run the script you will need to install Python on your machine and install the click and requests python modules. Then the program should run from the command line.

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Aha! Installing Python was the missing link here :snake:
Armed with this knowledge I may try this again… :laughing:

@Calaat I finally finished the feature!
You can test it on, and barring some error reports it will be available on the main website very soon.


This is beautiful!
Partial album listens are a great bonus.
Worked perfectly for me on PC (Firefox) and Android (DuckDuckGo)


This is very nice!

One small request: it would be nice if the text box treated links to the same as links to

Screenshots demonstrating the difference:


I had the same thought, and it was 5 minutes of work to implement it, so here we are: Submit album: Allow searching by LB album URL by MonkeyDo · Pull Request #2912 · metabrainz/listenbrainz-server · GitHub
It will be available very soon on the website.


Hot on the heels of the album submission tool, I addressed LB-1448, allowing to queue up single listens to make it more convenient to add multiple listens in a row, and help calculate their listening time based on the tracks’ duration.
You can select a specific release for each track if more than one are available

I’m finishing up the feature, so again it should be available in the next couple of weeks.