Linking a series of listens to a single release

I often listen to a release and find that Listenbrainz does not link any of the tracks to the correct MB recording. So far I have been correcting them one at a time. For example, in the screenshot below, I have corrected tracks 1, 14, and 15 but the rest remain matched to the wrong release.

Is there a way to speed this up by linking a series of listens to a release?

Copying the remaining dozen links from MB to LB without even changing the order is easy but slightly time-consuming and error-prone. However, it seems like exactly the kind of task that a computer could excel at.

[Note: I am not asking about generating listens for a whole release.]


I think we all want that feature :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a ticket for it here if you want to follow updates:

I’m currently finishing up the “add manual album” feature you mentioned at the end of your post, and I think some of the work I did there to display complex tracklists along with tickboxes could be a solid base for the multi-listen linking feature (see screenshots in LB-1401: Manually submit album by MonkeyDo · Pull Request #2894 · metabrainz/listenbrainz-server · GitHub)

All that to say even though the ticket is already a year old, I am most likely going to work on that improvement soon (and also because I mainly listen to albums and I’m getting very tired myself of manually linking listens).


Fantastic, I am watching that issue now.

This will be a huge improvement!

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